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Pretty G33ky!


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Reasonable and Unreasonable

So a new article by the New York Times talks about accidental shooting of young children. Its a heart-string pulling article on kids shooting other kids, mostly from guns not properly stored, and likely kids only given rudimentary or no … Continue reading

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GFZ Work!

San Francisco has essentially NO carry permits. As it stands, each city police chief and county sheriff is allowed to award permits at their discretion. San Francisco has long been stingy with the permits. The sheriff’s office has awarded just … Continue reading

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Gaining Grounds Even in the Mom Blogs

Mom Blogs used to be one of the more obnoxious hand-wringing magical-thinking supporters of gun control. Mrs. Weer’d (For obvious reasons) has been reading a TON of Mom-Blogs, and has been surprised at HOW many pro-gun articles there are, and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Killing

In China. You won’t hear about it because they don’t have guns there: A man went on a stabbing rampage in Chengdu on Sunday night, killing four people and wounding 11, the police said Monday, in the latest in a … Continue reading

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Great Review of some Range Trash

Shame it sucks, I LOVE the Vz 61 for unnatural reasons Proof that you can mess up even the most tried-and-true design with shoddy parts and workmanship!

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“Gun Death” Sword Attack

More Swords in the “Gun Death” Files: Two teenage boys have been arrested in a bizarre sword attack on one teen’s mother that reportedly included a discussion of killing the woman and eating her liver, a Spokane County sheriff’s spokesman … Continue reading

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Water on Mars

Looks like there’s a lot of it. used to work with a guy who would say “They’d Be Growing Tomatoes on Mars before that happens…” as a statement of improbability. Turns out he may not be quite as outlandish as … Continue reading

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Zo, On the Cruz Fillibuster

Couldn’t say it better!

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Fun Evening

Went up to Maine last night for a pig roast (Should have got a picture of the porker coming out of the smoker for y’all!) and some swingin’ tunes of the Wicked Good Band. They looked more like this last … Continue reading

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