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More Good News from the New Gun Control Capitol of the US

As predictable as the rising sun: A wave of violence swept New York City over the weekend as 21 people were shot, four of them fatally, authorities said Monday. The shootings, which included the separate woundings of 10- and 12-year-old … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Exorcism

Just crazy! A Maryland mother stabbed two of her children to death and wounded two others while attempting an exorcism, authorities said. …Police said they found the four children Friday morning after a neighbor called 911 to report suspicious activity … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Didgeridoo

I used to have a didge. I could never circular breathe with it, but it really made me a monster at the Tuba. I was never THIS good. Still since my daughter likes neat sounds, I’ve been thinking about buying … Continue reading

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That is NOT Your Job, Barry!

So we have a President who obviously sees the law of the land as a mere hurdle for the “little People”. The American People don’t see it that way: House Speaker John Boehner seeks “to compel the president to follow … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Evil Looks

Now this one is amusing: Now most images of firearms by anti-gun cartoonists are comically inaccurate. The drawings can be little more than scribbles, to highly detailed renditions. But most of the images are so technically inaccurate that anybody with … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Softdrinks

Not even alcoholic drinks! A Tennessee couple faces murder charges for allegedly punishing the man’s 5-year-old daughter by making her gulp excessive amounts of water and grape soda, leading to her death, authorities said. …”She was allegedly force-fed so much … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing Over Internet Myth

This is just sick! Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults Monday for allegedly stabbing a friend 19 times after acting out bizarre instructions from an Internet site featuring horror stories, authorities said. …The unidentified 12-year-old victim was fighting … Continue reading

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Neat Catch!

Not what he was fishing for, and not going to make him the money he was looking for, but cool none the less! Photos of the gruesome-looking goblin shark a fisherman accidentally caught last month drew attention as scientists caught … Continue reading

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Are Your Public Servants Housebroken?

This story just gets me scratching my head: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency asked its employees in Denver this year to stop leaving a dangerous pollutant – human feces – in office hallways, according to a report that circulated on … Continue reading

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Dom Follows Up

I’m glad he did this. If you say something that stirs up controversy it’s always better to keep the conversation going than to hide away until the chatter dies down. I really only had minor quibbles with his last video, … Continue reading

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