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Sourdough As a Prep

You may have read about Sourdough as a tasty food.   Maybe an obsessive hobby. Have you considered it might be a great item to be part of your prepper kit? Go check out the article I wrote for Blue Collar … Continue reading

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Condolences to North Carolina

Looks like the Jim Crow Pistol Purchase Permit was Vetoed by the Governor. And he had this total bullshit to justify supporting institutional racism! “Gun permit laws reduce gun homicides and suicides and reduce the availability of guns for criminal … Continue reading

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Contact Your Senators in Opposition to David Chipman as ATF Director

I’ve been asked to put some of my thoughts for distribution and inspiration for people to let their voices be heard about David Chipman, who was nominated for ATF Director by President Joe Biden. There are some aspects of Mr. … Continue reading

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ATF Logic

So this is a breaking story: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the United States Postal Inspection Service has arrested a Florida man and seized his websites ( and for selling a drawing on a … Continue reading

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Info Dump on the Kenosha Riots

There is a TON of information on the unrest in Kenosha and the resulting shootings.  I’m going to use this post as a dumping ground for all that information. Feel free to post more information in the comments, and I’ll … Continue reading

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Some Revelations on George Floyd’s Death

So we all saw the cell phone videos: Negligent and insufferable police officers killing George Floyd. I personally never saw murder, because I never saw malice, just negligence and indifference. Now fast Forward to a few days ago, and the … Continue reading

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A Text Fisk for Joe Biden!

Here it is, let’s go to work! So to start this fisk I’m going to open with my thesis and we’ll see how much the data supports it. Joe Biden, and the Democrat Party at large stands for the banning … Continue reading

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ACP Bonus: The Bloomberg Conspiracy

This is a little bonus for fans of the show.    This is a clip from the Weer’d Audio fisk from ACP Ep 104.    It’s pure speculation, but see what you think of The Bloomberg Conspiracy

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Quote of the Day: Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

This comment thread really encapsulated the mentality of the “I’m a gun owner but…” Anti-Gunners.     You can find some info on Mike “The Guy Guy” here and here. But the dialoge between Mike and a Second Amendment Supporter is here: … Continue reading

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Bloomberg Takes One on the Chin

No I’m not talking about this story But go click over if you want to read about what an asshole Bloomberg is allegedly being to his former campaign staffers. It didn’t warrant its own post, because I suspect all of … Continue reading

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