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Heads Up For Those In Florida

Been meaning to plug this earlier, but better late than Never. Erin Palette, my wonderful Hostess at The Assorted Calibers Podcast is hosting an Operation Blazing Sword and Pink Pistols Event. It’s Called ONE AIM Community Seminar and it is … Continue reading

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Fudd Virtue Signaling

So Walmart and Dicks in the wake of the recent shooting in Florida have decided to discontinue the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles and make all firearms sales to 21+, same with LL Bean. Well Beans has never sold anything … Continue reading

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Thomas Gabor reacts to the Parkland Shooting

Oh Tommy Gabor, one of the darling “Researchers” of the anti-gun side. He has a piece up at Mike “The Mentally Ill Guy” Weisser’s website. Let’s have a look: Thomas Gabor: Gun Licensing Could Have Prevented Parkland Shooting Pretty bold … Continue reading

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Another Reason to have a 2nd Amendment

You can legally defend against this crap. The 2nd Amendment is the RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS, not just guns, and if you’ve been following the issue we have 2nd Amendment groups that focus on guns, and groups that … Continue reading

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Tom Gabor: Firearms Owner Licensing. A Weer’d Fisk

So Mike Weisser is likely crazy, and definitely anti-gun. Still he did what I consider a great thing, he’s opened his blog up to other anti-gunners to preach propaganda, and the occasional gun article written by an out-of-touch anti-gun Elmer … Continue reading

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The Layers of Gun Control Failure in Southern SpringsTexas

So I must first lead this post with an apology, I’m going to be treading very close to the line of the blood dancing the anti-rights activists do. That is not my intention, and I hope the thoughtful way I … Continue reading

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Haven’t We Come a Long Way

I just found this interview online: First thing, HOLY SHIT Harvey Fierstein used to be a looker. As long as I could remember him he was always fat and unkempt, and oh so Alien to me. But man, listening to … Continue reading

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Not Anti-Gun Anti Self-Defense!

So get a load of this crap! The parents of a California man who allegedly tried to rob a Starbucks in Fresno, but was thwarted by a Good Samaritan, claim their son was the victim of “excessive force.” They believe … Continue reading

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He’s At It Again

Michael Bloomberg is dumping huge amounts of money in a vain attempt to turn free America into New York City. One of the nation’s leading gun-control advocacy groups announced plans on Friday to spend upwards of $1 million in the … Continue reading

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Some Changes on the Battlefield of Gun Control

So you probably have heard already, Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign has been replaced. No word on what the terms of Gross’ termination are, but I suspect it wasn’t amiable. Before Gross, Brady was lead by Paul Helmke. See … Continue reading

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