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“Gun Death” Lab Safety

Ok this one makes me ANGRY! My current lab is almost all “Designated Lab Space”, and falls under lab safety rules. Pretty much the only places that isn’t “Lab Space” is common areas shared by all the labs. This means … Continue reading

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Nice Video on the Gun Control Field

Watch the latest video at I like how the point that there are countless laws on the books NOT being enforced is a good enough reason to NOT push for more laws is really getting the attention it deserves. … Continue reading

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Beard Science

A neat article: Researchers from the University of New South Wales, Australia took photographs of 10 men when they were clean shaven, at 5 and 10 days without shaving and with a full beard. They then asked 351 women and … Continue reading

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When Your Only Tool Is a Hammer….

….The World starts looking like a nail: Yeah, well…probably not: Er, “we know a gun check would stop him,” really? That’s quite the conclusion to draw, considering that A) the most recent update from ABC reports the only gun recovered … Continue reading

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How I Live My Life

The Four Rules, and the Scientific Method!

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Odd Gun: Wildey Magnum

Actually handled one of these in a local shop, and they feel vastly better in the hand than a Desert Eagle. Its still a football bat of a gun!

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“Gun Death” Ritual Killing

No way to sugar-coat this one: Chile has arrested four members of an alleged cult accused of burning a baby to death during a human sacrifice ritual, officials announced on Thursday. “We found bones that correspond” to those of an … Continue reading

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War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!

It appears that Stephen Goldstein (no relation to Emmanuel) has been hired for the Ministry of Truth! The NRA has won the battle but lost the war. The best thing that happened to gun control is its defeat in Congress. … Continue reading

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Swiss Army Knife At Camp

This Zero-Tolerance crap has totally jumped the shark! A fifth-grader in Cupertino, California was suspended and threatened with expulsion for bringing a small Swiss Army knife on a school-sponsored, science-oriented camping trip. In early April, Braden Bandermann’s class set off … Continue reading

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Look At Their Reactions

An Outside-the-Box background check: Here’s how Coburn’s plan would work: A gun buyer would log in to a free federal web portal and enter some personal information. If the buyer passes the background check, he or she would get a … Continue reading

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