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Some Data on the Surge in Gun Sales sent me some data on the recent spike in Ammo Sales. we first noticed a 54% sales increase on February 23, as the search term “coronavirus” started to gain traction, according to Google Trends…. When comparing 22 days worth … Continue reading

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The Cock and the Balls

So for whatever reason the term Capon has been popping up a lot recently. Erin and I discussed it briefly while recording ACP I don’t think that discussion made it to a blooper reel, IIRC it just wasn’t concise enough … Continue reading

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Interesting Biology: Higher Nerve Function?

Ok if you’re still a reader of this blog (I’m trying to post more non podcast content), you’ve probably seen this video before. I’m a marine biologist with some training in animal medical research, so the whole neurology of this … Continue reading

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Luck Used Up

So due to all the travel, bad weather, and work being done on the house, Only today Did I get a chance to rake my leaves. Found something interesting there: That’s what’s left of an Eastern Cottontail. There were a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Trans Bathroom Thing Exactly

I don’t go to the can to hang out, or be social. I go there to wash my hands and rid myself of biological waste. Honestly we could dump the whole gender thing entirely and have men and women all … Continue reading

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Cool Video on Headshots

So cool! I just assumed with the brain destroyed or severely malfunctioning from being carved up and/or scrambled caused the respective motor nerves to dump their neuro transmitters….which I guess is true, but I’d sound like an idiot explaining that….

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Rockin Cloaca!

I got two of the three right! I love it when the Internet Makes a video just for me!

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Seen on the Squirrel Report

Hillarious! part one is Here, and I found part 2: For those not in the Know, it’s one of these. Really common, REALLY BIG fish, but generally not THAT close to shore, I’ve literally been in spots where I’ve seen … Continue reading

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That Stingray “Eye”

Always wondered about the white “Eye” seen on many stingray leather products. Well I found this video: Good, I like the more natural look of the leather better.

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Images of the Antis: Human Life

Gotta love this one: Awww what a cute little quip. Yep it would be a royal pain to walk into an elementary school and attempt to kill all the children with a spoon….not that you wouldn’t be able to do … Continue reading

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