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They Call US “Jerks”?

So it appears that CSGV is now making attacks against DC Reporter Emily Miller We talked about Emily here where she shared her story of her home invasion by criminals, and her subsequent insane struggle to buy her first gun. … Continue reading

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What is wrong with government today? Occupy DC must get notice before eviction A federal judge said Tuesday that the U.S. government must notify Occupy DC protesters if it intends to evict them from a downtown Washington park and remove … Continue reading

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I Wish it Could Talk

Some people collect really cool guns…but I collect Communist Trash. I kid! Still Mosin Nagants are crude rifles. They’re more accurate than most shooters are capable of, their ammo is still cheap and plentiful, and its amusingly powerful. They also … Continue reading

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This is how anti-rights people think…or don’t think. Gun dealers don’t allow loaded guns in their stores, why does Starbucks allow loaded guns in theirs? And then he doubles-down when questioned. Yeah, let’s ask the largest gun retailers in US–Walmart, … Continue reading

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Jackboots on Jack Russels

Wow, this is just a strange story: At least one witness is shaking her head in disbelief at a federal park ranger’s use of a stun gun over the weekend on a Northern California man accused of walking his two … Continue reading

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Anti-Rights Hypocrites

So Bob wrote an awesome post about the general poor form executed by Joan Peterson. Go read the whole thing because A) Its Awesome, and B) I’ll build on that here. Bob’s post made me think of this piece being … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Shotgun Rider

Tam has a post about a Beer Bike being raided by looters. (if you’re scratching your head, read more here). perlhaqr nails the quote of the day: So these tours need two sober people. One to drive, and one to … Continue reading

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Contact Your Senators, New Hampshire

And Get Constitutional Carry passed in New Hampshire! New Hampshire could soon become one of the most pro-gun states in the country – a sanctuary where the Constitution is paramount and Americans don’t need the government’s permission to exercise their … Continue reading

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Why I’m Hating the Republicans Right Now

You know what Newt? They’re going to run him anyway. You know what’s worse? That you think an Authoritarian political mercenary like you is a better choice. Fuck both of you!

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Why Would They Say This???

Have a look at this twitter exchange: First up I think the “95,820 domestic abusers who couldn’t buy a gun” are just the total people charged with “domestic abuse” or under domestic restraining orders, and to be fair I think … Continue reading

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