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A Tinfoil Hat Made Out of Copper

So on the Facebook I was targeted for an ad from this company So for those that don’t know, since the Volstead Act Distilling spirits has been illegal. When the 21st Amendment was added to the Constitution the ATF (Which … Continue reading

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You Don’t Need a Firearm, Just use a Taser

This is one of those debate points I have with people who aren’t really anti-gun, but just REALLY Don’t like guns and would rather there be less of them out there. They see the videos where tasers are deployed and … Continue reading

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Wind and Solar: A Real-World Observation

So this is one of those obvious things I see in the world,  but I’ve been having a hard time explaining it to people. The Observation: Wind and Solar Power Suck, and will never amount to anything in our infrastructure. … Continue reading

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Geeks Gadgets and Guns Ep 200

We’ll be going live shortly! Watch us live here Enjoy!

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Ammo to Go Massive Gel Test

Ok this is cool! Ammo to Go (A company I’ve done business with for years) has put up a massive gel test with defensive pistol ammo they carry. They have Tests for 9mm, .40 S&W, .380 ACP, and of course … Continue reading

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Good Advertising

Saw this ad, and let’s just say it struck home: We already own a swiffer….but when it comes to a glitter problem, I reach for my Dyson.

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Moar Geeks Gadgets and Gunnery

Another Super Fun show with the gang at Geeks Gadgets and Guns! I really do love this show!

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A Little Anti-Gun Inside Baseball

So Sebastian was the first on our side to report this: Does this winning smart holster really put a bar through the trigger guard? Seriously? That’s not how retention should work. Leave this stuff to gun people! And here’s the … Continue reading

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Another Geeks Gadgets and Guns Show

A Fan asked if I was now a regular host. Not yet, but with the exception of one crazy week when I had ZERO free time, I have yet to say “no” to these guys when they ask! Enjoy!

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Geeks Gadgets And Guns

I can’t say no to these guys when they invite me on! We didn’t even have a topic for this show because we didn’t need one! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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