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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 106

The show is up! Episode 106 – Dr. Jill Stein Doesn’t Understand Science Tired of the toxic brain fallout that accompanies the gibbering and capering of anti-gun, anti-science, anti-logic morons? Join us in the GunBlog VarietyCast bunker and we’ll weather … Continue reading

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Anti-Gunners: They Aren’t Like You or I

I think if you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that Anti-Freedom advocates live in a different world than we do. So you might remember the “Loaded Conversations Podcast”, the ONLY anti-gun Podcast. Even with Rebecca having done 4 … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Assault Weapons Debacle: Schrödinger’s Gun!

So from Day one when Attorney General Maura Healey declared that the long-standing Massachusetts “Assault Weapon” ban, that was first enforced as the Federal AWB for 10 years, and enforced at the state level since 1998, totally didn’t mean what … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 105: Purple Ponies at the Gun Rights Policy Conference

The show is up! Erin “Voodoo Princess Daintyhooves” continues her nefarious plot to turn everyone in the gunblog world into ponies. This time, it’s Sean “Unicorn Rampant Sable” Sorrentino who has fallen into her hoofy clutches! The GunBlog VarietyCast is … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 104 – Fun With Warning Shots

Episode 104 is up! This week, the cast of the GunBlog VarietyCast lobs a shot across your bow! Heave to and prepare to be boarded by a great episode! The Beths are squared as Beth Alcazar invites Beth Vaughn to … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Dr. Bombay

A little racist, by why not enjoy good music???

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He Scared Me For a Moment

This is a dude I like to bag on for being a hack bartender….then he goes and does this: I personally take my Negronis Up in a cocktail glass, but on the rocks is perfectly acceptable. I dock him points … Continue reading

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I was a Guest on Geeks Gadgets and Guns

Ok this was just AWESOME! They guys at Geeks Gadgets and Guns invited me on to talk about the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban debacle . For those who are disappointed that my current stable of podcasts are too structured, or … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio 138: German Guns

Ryan and I sit down and talk German handguns! I really wanted to talk Germany after shooting my Walther! Enjoy!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 103 – [BLEEP]ing [BLEEP]ers and their [BLEEP]y Bad-Faith Backdoor Tactics

The show is up! Sean’s censor button gets a workout this week as the GunBlog VarietyCast delves deeply into the festering [BLEEP] pile that is this current crop of anti-rights arguments and tactics. A homeowner’s girlfriend is killed while he … Continue reading

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