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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 76

Another great show! You know the drill, Show notes here, show below! Enjoy!

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The Other Side of Bartending

For those of you who follow my blog for the mixology, I HAVE to share this discovery! So I LOVE watching videos of skilled bartenders making fine cocktails, and it’s really a big tent, there are videos of people all … Continue reading

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Squirrel Report: THE CALL IN!

Now that was more like it! We’ve prided ourselves in being the only internet radio call-in show but we never get as many calls as we’d like. Until last night! Thanks to all who called in, you made for quite … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio: Bayside Custom Gunworks

Really amazing show! Ryan and I sat down with Chris who is a custom gunsmith and long-range handgun hunter Check out what his shooting irons do!! It was a really fun show, you should enjoy it!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 75

The latest show is up! Show notes here, show below. Enjoy!

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Why We Call them “Gun Grabbers”

This exchange is Washington State simply sums it up PERFECTLY! So this is in response to an anti-gun bill that FORCES police departments to destroy all guns seized by police. (I will note that if the department decides to destroy … Continue reading

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Cool Video on Headshots

So cool! I just assumed with the brain destroyed or severely malfunctioning from being carved up and/or scrambled caused the respective motor nerves to dump their neuro transmitters….which I guess is true, but I’d sound like an idiot explaining that….

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 74

Another Great show for your this week! Show notes here, show below! Enjoy!

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We Had A Squirrel!

And We had LOTS of topics! Tune in and give it a listen! Also next Thursday you should call in!!!

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The Gauntlet!

Awesome! You think Obama will rise up after calling the NRA Cowards? Yeah, me too!

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