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Bright: Movie Review

Not a long review, really just “See It!” McThag has a great review up that got me to watch it. Overall it’s a genera mash-up. It has some STRONG similarities with Alien Nation, when in the 1988 Film James Caan … Continue reading

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Seriously Hollywood???

Ok so when watching a youtube video this movie trailer popped up. Ok Dwayne Johnson, I love him, and Jeffery Dean Morgan, I’m not hitting this skip button. They keep mentioning the Gorilla’s name being “George”, like that’s supposed to … Continue reading

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For Some More Geeks Gadgets and Guns

And some me, I was on Geeks Gadgets and Guns Again. And I loved it….AGAIN! You’ll enjoy it…AGAIN!

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Well Crap!

So they’re going to make Ghost in the Shell into a live-action film. I’m a HUGE Masamune Shirow fan, and of course I’ve already had my quality film adaptations. The 2004 Appleseed Film was AMAZING! And I really enjoyed the … Continue reading

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One More!

And it has some tie-in to the Super Mario Brothers Movie, which I love in a messed up sort of way! Also check out the pitch-bend Keyboard solo at 2:14! How badass is that! Once I get a little bit … Continue reading

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Another Sign the Antis Are Losing

So Red Letter Media is a cool youtube channel. They do a show called “Best of the Worst” where they watch strange VHS tapes, often 20+ years old and debate which is the best and which is the worst. This … Continue reading

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Yeah, Predator IS Awesome

Totally holds up over time: One thing they missed is that Billy was totally A Porn Star in the 70s!! Yeah, it’s awesome!

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For “”

Yep so I picked up a troll in a full-blown manic episode. Just had to post this video. Yep, just like that!

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I don’t know why people think Neill Blomkamp is anything to write home about. District 9 was fucking TERRIBLE, and I’ve heard nothing good about Elysium, even from Hollywood Commies who it panders to. Also, for as much as I … Continue reading

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Movie LOLz

This was hilarious!

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