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Fun Story

So my neighbor and I were walking back from the train after work. We saw a new Ford Interceptor rolling down the street. It pulled up to us and it was my other neighbor on duty with local PD. Got … Continue reading

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As Opposed To…

Smartphones can read boarding passes: A vulnerability in US domestic airline boarding pass barcodes could allow travellers to bring unauthorised items on board, says a security expert. The codes reveal what kind of airport checks a passenger will face and … Continue reading

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An Email Forward Brought to Life

This time of year I get about a dozen email forwards with this premise. My only complaint is that it doesn’t show how Crowder actually compensated the kids for participating in a Marxist Social Experiment. I’m hoping full-size butterfingers for … Continue reading

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Neat Science from Uncle Jesse

First I am just AMAZED at how much information scientists can get from fossils. Denver Fowler at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, and his colleagues studied numerous Triceratops specimens from Montana’s Hell Creek Formation to identify how … Continue reading

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Fat Mice

Mrs. Weer’d sends me this interesting story on Obesity and mice: A novel animal model showed that the longer mice remained overweight, the more “irreversible” obesity became, according to the new study that appeared online ahead of print Oct.24 in … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Axe Murder

Kinda interesting when people say “Gun Death” how prevalent other murder cliches are, like “Strangler”, “Stabber”, “Slasher” or, “Axe Murder” A man armed with an axe has killed three children and injured another 13 at a childcare centre in southern … Continue reading

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No Worse Fool…

…Than an old fool Dessicated old Commies for Obama! Bring it you pinko geezers!

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More Onion LOLz

LOVE this series!

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More Fast and Furious News

New Report was released yesterday. The Media still ignoring it! op-ranking Capitol Hill Republicans released a new report Monday on the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious that concludes high-ranking Justice Department officials “failed to identify red flags” in the … Continue reading

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Storm Of the Century of the Moment AAR!

We didn’t even lose power, our street didn’t even flood. Off to work!

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