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They Probably Got Him

Looks like the caught a suspect in the New Jersey Home invasion/ Attempted murder. A suspect wanted in the brutal New Jersey home invasion that was captured on a nanny cam was arrested Friday, authorities said. The Essex County prosecutor’s … Continue reading

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On Food Mold

I guess I’ll be tossing the moldy loafs I find in the pantry, rather than just tossing the spoiled slice and eating the rest.

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“Gun Death” School Bus

A lot of these showing up in the “Gun Death”? Files. Fifteen schoolchildren and a teacher were killed Saturday when their school van caught fire in eastern Punjab Province, rescue and government officials said. Seven other children were injured, two … Continue reading

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Who thought this shit was hot?

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Oh What the Little Weer’d Has Comming!

She’s in big trouble, because Mommy and Daddy are GEEKS! Yep that’s EXACTLY what you think it is! A bit of a Preview here!

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False Flag

I’ve found this via Jason “Baldr” Kilgore. Turns out that Baldr (who oddly makes public appearances using his comic book persona….am I doing something wrong representing my blog in meatspace suing my real name?) was in some anti-gun symposium in … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Sick Teens

There’s a lot of talk these days about mentally ill youth…of course the concentration only goes to them when they use a gun. For nearly nine months, the people of this small West Virginia town saw the face of missing … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Divorce

I wonder why she was planning to divorce him! A Foxborough man was arraigned from his hospital bed on Tuesday, accused in a violent beating that left his estranged wife in a coma. Julie Saltis was in a medically induced … Continue reading

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The Face of Gun Control

In New Jersey where it is VERY hard to get a gun this can happen. Of course you don’t need a gun. Just give them what they want! Your stuff can be replaced. Listen to the pain in her voice! … Continue reading

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Sure is Thursday!

Time for Another Squirrel Report! We’re going to talk about the George Zimmerman Trial, CDC gun reports, Zombie Movies, and BBQ! There’s something for everybody! Tune in at 9pm EST and call in to join the discussion for THE SQUIRREL … Continue reading

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