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Time to Get Rollin’

Mrs. Weer’d is the first surgery for the day, so we’re heading out the door very soon. She had a good evening, while I could have slept better, but overall I think we both feel pretty good about things. Watch … Continue reading

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Lame Post

My last gun post was Lame. Caleb Has a post up that’s a better explanation of the same video which makes sense as he’s the dude in the vid. Still this quote goes very well with some of the stuff … Continue reading

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Failure Points

Caleb is very humble to post this video: He’s running a Ruger SR9c Ok He’s Using the Gunblog 9 which is essentially a Glock 26, or a S&W M&P9c but with a Thumb safety (The M&P Pistols can have a … Continue reading

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The Gang’s All Here

Taking just a moment while the Wife and her sisters are collecting my Father-in-law, they’ll all be back soon and we’ll head out to Dinner. More people will be showing up tomorrow for the big day. I’ll likely make a … Continue reading

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Useful Idiot

Ubu52 really is good for illustrating a point. all food belongs to the government, essentially, as all “rights” come FROM the government.” BINGO! “Human Rights” do come from government. The UN is essentially a world governing body. That’s why “Human … Continue reading

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Da Wookie

I mentioned “Wookie Suit” to Vector and Jesse the other day, and neither of them had heard it before. The term comes from Tam A libertarian. Esp. one who owns multiple Mosin-Nagants and a longbox full of comic books, reads … Continue reading

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Does this Count as “Gun Death”?

Kinda like how some opressive societies count air guns as “Firearms” (the word “Fire” is in there for a reason Compressed gas != Burning propellant….then again when Junior gets busted out in the Burbs for causing mayhem with a potato … Continue reading

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Nice Video

Very balanced take by Reason who I suspect sees eye to eye with many of the protesters. I have a friend out there right now, and I can’t wait to hear back from him on his take-away from the rally.

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Neat Ammo Tests

Mike W. links these guys doing neat test videos. They Have my personal carry ammo, and the results look VERY good as far as expansion. There are a ton of other brands that pretty much look the same in the … Continue reading

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How Cool is this?? Tho I will say doing #1 I won’t always wash my hands. Let’s face it I take a shower and put on clean underwear where my hog stays nicely wrapped, when I go to pee my … Continue reading

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