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Just found a cool video of Larry Correia talking about authors who mess up gun stuff in their books, and why we should care. There are countless books where I totally stop reading for a moment just because something impossible, … Continue reading

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Another World Shooting Record!

Awesome! gnoring a touch of rain and a ton of pressure, the USA’s Vincent Hancock hit ’em with his best shots. His record accuracy Tuesday with a double-barreled shotgun gave him his second gold medal in as many Olympics in … Continue reading

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Anti-Freedom, Not Anti-Gun

We all know NYC is one of the most anti-gun places in this country. But we should also know by now that anti-gun people really aren’t anti-gun, they’re just anti-freedom: Mayor Bloomberg is pushing hospitals to hide their baby formula … Continue reading

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Ammo and Numbers Game

They’re trying to ban online ammo sales: The proposal was introduced outside New York City Hall by New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg and New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, and it marked the latest development in the gun control debate rekindled … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Going Mainstream!

Sebastian points out these two posts all listing some of the largest mass murders. Clayton Cramer and Brian Palmer Often with fire. Revolutionary War veteran Barnett Davenport is widely considered the first mass murderer in U.S. history. On the evening … Continue reading

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Nobody seriously hurt, so that makes it a fun story! A man who suffered lacerations to his legs while in the water at a Massachusetts beach Monday apparently was bitten by a shark, authorities said. “It looked like a shark … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” School Administrator

A nice feather in the hat for those who want full registration of gun owners. I mean school teachers are fingerprinted, licensed, certified, have to hold a college degree, and many places are starting to keep a DNA bank. Does … Continue reading

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You’ve Lost Middle America, You’ve Lost the War

Screw the Gun show or the local shop where the clerks wear camo and open carry, and the shop sells MREs and water purification tablets. Roadkill saw this at Wal Mart! Some questioned the validity of calling AR-15s and other … Continue reading

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Pavlov’s Blog!

I amuse myself. On the recent post where I referenced the wood chipper scene from the movie “Fargo” Robert had a reaction. For a second I saw “Farago” and thought, “Not him again”. 🙂 If only Dr. Pavlov could have … Continue reading

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Why Not?

I’ve been prattling a bit about the 870 Shotgun used in Aurora. Then I saw this video and NEEDED to post it: The antis like to vilify guns, because they’re “Progressives” that like to give every concession possible to the … Continue reading

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