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Bad Beard Day

You know you might be due for a beard trim when a stranger stops you on the sidewalk and asks: “Playoff beard?” No, no it isn’t….but I can see why you think that.

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Images of the Antis: Common Sense

I tapped another well of paid-anti-rights activist image galleries. This one is from the personal collection of one Jason Kilgore of Ceasefire Oregon. Source: Uploaded by user via Baldr on Pinterest Of course I must note the subliminal message of … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing

No Guns Used. Philadelphia police say an elderly food vendor was stabbed to death while loading his cart with supplies early Thursday morning. The stabbing happened at about 4:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Vollmer Street in South Philadelphia. … Continue reading

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Rogue Waves

One of these bastards nearly killed me one fall on George’s bank. Got a face-full of another on a flat calm day at sea that left me bruised and laughing on the deck after being flipped like a rag-doll. They … Continue reading

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A Good Night to Squirrel Hard

So its Thursday, and soon we’ll be starting up another Squirrel Report! Lots of news to talk about, especially some of the questionable police events of late. Also we have a call in (We had ONE caller last show….you can … Continue reading

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On That Hoffstra Shoot

I’m a bit late to the party, but I thought I’d share my thoughts on this sad event: A Hofstra University student being held in a headlock at gunpoint by an intruder was accidently shot and killed by a police … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Weak Heart

Guns make killing too easy! Police say a 50-year-old man died three days after suffering a heart attack during a physical fight with his daughter, and the teenage girl has been booked on suspicion of manslaughter. The San Jose Mercury … Continue reading

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These pictures have been circulating. Breda sends me the backstory! This guy in Libby’s class, possibly named Marshall, is apparently doing a project in which he’s trying to get a duckling to imprint on him. The caption of this picture … Continue reading

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Because they Can’t Let it Be Fair

Looks like Travon Martin’s past will NOT be allowed in court! Lawyers for George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin, will be barred from mentioning Mr. Martin’s marijuana use, history of fights or … Continue reading

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