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Play Me Out: Moon Hooch

My Daughter is way into Jazz, specifically Jazz with a LOT of sax These dudes are on HEAVY rotation!

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More Musical Selections!

Because that last post was fun, here’s another video from today: pair that with this soundtrack I wonder if GG and Bill ever hung out….

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Congratulations President Trump

It’s a thing

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Creative Remix Style

This guy is just cool! Rather than doing video game remixes using modern synthetics, or conventional instruments, he goes A Capella in a multi-track with a video feed from each track! And another fave

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Play Me Out Warren Zevon

Been SUPER into this song!

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Play Me Out: Nothing Else Matters

Wow, what a great twist on the Black Album Classic!

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Play Me Out: Dr. Bombay

A little racist, by why not enjoy good music???

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Evening Music: Pentatonix

So this song was a HUGE hit recently: Decent, but this is the first you’ve seen it here, and it’s in a related post. Meanwhile you’ve seen Pentatonix here before, and my daughter loves them from this home run performance. … Continue reading

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Play Me Out….Yeah

Yeah…well it’s a good song!

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Music Dump: Under the Influence

No, not me, but these songs seem particularly….inspired. That is some good times right there….and my playlist while I was cooking lunch. Thankfully the Daughter didn’t ask me to explain the lyrics….especially track 3 that has just ONE word I … Continue reading

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