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I have wanted a bluegrass cover of Magnum PI for years. My only complaint is I wish he had used the Mandolin for the lead guitar line, but the Banjo sounds awesome too! And is it still Bluegrass with an … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Savlonic

Love this song!

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A Little Culture

Been rocking out HARD to these guys. They’re from Mongolia and they are using much of the traditional music and throat-singing from that part of the world, but with as you can tell some modern western influence. I think they … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Frogleap Studios

This cover rocks so hard. I can’t stop listening to it! Rock Out!

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Play Me Out: Bayou Billy

One of the worst games ever made, but a damn good first stage song. And a damn good cover! Enjoy

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Play Me Out: Infected Mushroom

Been a while since I’ve done a music post, but this song has been knocking my socks off recently! Enjoy!

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For Some More Geeks Gadgets and Guns

And some me, I was on Geeks Gadgets and Guns Again. And I loved it….AGAIN! You’ll enjoy it…AGAIN!

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Play Me Out: Moon Hooch

My Daughter is way into Jazz, specifically Jazz with a LOT of sax These dudes are on HEAVY rotation!

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More Musical Selections!

Because that last post was fun, here’s another video from today: pair that with this soundtrack I wonder if GG and Bill ever hung out….

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Congratulations President Trump

It’s a thing

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