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Why Communism Won’t Work

Note that just on the other side of the wall was West Germany making BMW and Mercedes that were status symbols. Also East Germany was being propped up by the Soviet Union, a nation with a relatively small population a … Continue reading

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My Wife Will Divorce Me If I Do This

But OH MY GOD!!!! That is surprisingly gorgeous! Mad Max Mom Mobile!!!! That with some Main Force Patrol decals and EVERYBODY would know I’m an idiot!

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G33k Out with Geeks Gadgets And Guns

Seriously, if you aren’t listening to this show, you’re missing out. These guys are so unafraid to let the conversation go wherever it does so that amusing and nerdy content comes out. The Geeks were kind enough to invite me … Continue reading

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The Definitive Shitbox

Oh MAN!! When I was a teenager one of my best friends had a older brother of driving age, and his first car was a metallic green 1979 Chevette. Like a young duckling’s first glance at his mother, this was … Continue reading

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Great Hunter Thompson impersonation!

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I could take either of them….but I honestly we use our Edge so infrequently I could never justify a 2nd car, even tho both of these make good dollars and cents. Which would you choose?

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Interesting Study On Cars

So Bob sent me an interesting study in a previous post: Over the last decade – after 60-plus years of steady increases – the number of miles driven by the average American has been falling. Young Americans have experienced the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Rapper

Not a “Gun Death”: Former rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has been charged with murder and attempted murder after a fatal hit-and-run that followed an argument in Compton last week, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney. He … Continue reading

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Some Car Porn

Saw one of these in a used car lot up the street. Pointed it out to the wife who promptly said “NO!” I can’t say she was wrong…I was still a little sad. Didn’t even stop to see what the … Continue reading

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Straight Up Lies in Advertising

This ad is making the rounds: Now first up I’ll say I dig Nissan’s cars, also the electric Leaf is a neat vehicle, if not an extremely limited one. Still this ad is just shameful in it’s dishonesty. The claim … Continue reading

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