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Thomas Gabor reacts to the Parkland Shooting

Oh Tommy Gabor, one of the darling “Researchers” of the anti-gun side. He has a piece up at Mike “The Mentally Ill Guy” Weisser’s website.

Let’s have a look:

Thomas Gabor: Gun Licensing Could Have Prevented Parkland Shooting

Pretty bold title, Tommy! Hey, I hate dead kids as much as the next guy, so you have my attention:

Tragically, fellow Americans, this time in Parkland, Florida, have once again been slaughtered ruthlessly by a young man wielding a weapon of war.

Adorable, you gotta get in those bullshit talking points right off, otherwise we might mistake you for being objective. There is no military on the planet that issues AR-15s. They are indeed rifles used for hunting, they were used by the police protecting the innocents in Parkland:

Oh and one was recently used to stop a spree killer, this of course won’t be mentioned, instead pretend these are military arms.

Again, if their side was right why do they need to lie so?

Aside from banning these weapons, we need to do much better in screening individuals for their fitness to possess, own, or carry firearms. In a January 8th post, I laid out some preliminary ideas for a national gun licensing system, although such a system could also be established at the state level.

Antis just love their “assault weapons bans”, at least until they get one, then all they do is bitch about how gun owners follow the letter of their stupidly written laws, and still continue to own guns. How many times has California revamped their AWB? (Oh and how many spree killings have they had?) Hell Massachusetts anti-gunners got so pissed that the AWB was followed they simply decided to break the law!

Oh and if you haven’t read my fisk of the article he mentions, you should...it’s also crap!

Also when they’re openly calling for gun bans, can we now call them “Gun Banners” rather than their laughable “Gun Violence Prevention Activists” euphemism?

People operating a variety of forms of machinery and in many occupations require a license to ensure they meet certain requirements and maintain their qualifications to continue to engage in those activities. In Florida, for example, licenses are required of motor vehicle operators, barbers and cosmetologists, mold remediation services, contractors in the construction industry, and many others. If those operating cars and construction machinery need a license, it stands to reason that those owning and operating lethal weapons also ought to be licensed.

This is just the mindset of a Statist. They see the Government getting involved in every minutia of our life, and rather than questioning if that is valid, they use it as a justification for MORE Government. Hint, the answer to them is ALWAYS more government. We’ll be touching on that in a bit. This is also a total fallacy. Yes you need a license to drive on the state roadways in Florida, but you don’t need one to drive on private property. Oddly you DO need a license to carry in public in Florida….but Tom doesn’t car. And yeah, you need a license to be a barber, but not one to cut your own hair, or the hair of your family. So yeah unless you’re running a private security firm and doing public contract work, Tom’s committing a logical fallacy.

I mentioned in the previous post that expanding background checks to all gun sales and tinkering with our current system of checks is the low-hanging fruit with regard to reform as 95% of Americans support such actions.

Except when its put to an actual vote, then it tends to be 30-40% of Americans support it.

Unfortunately, the obsession of gun safety advocates with this system has led us to lose sight of fundamental flaws in the way we screen prospective gun buyers. Searching FBI electronic databases is not sufficient as, aside from clerical errors (seen in the lead-up to the Charleston church shooting) and the failure to forward data to the FBI (seen in the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting), every criminologist knows that official criminal records represent just the tip of the iceberg with regard to someone’s criminality and will miss troubling warning signs.

This is going to be the last he talks about this. We have a system, and it simply doesn’t work because the Government that runs it is never held accountable, so they do a shitty job.

This list could go on, of the last few years, every spree shooter had some sort of contact with law enforcement, mental health professionals, or the legal system, and those systems screwed the pooch and let them slip through the cracks. But since Tom’s a Statist when you find problems with the Government implementation of the law, you throw more laws on top of the cracked foundation!

I therefore propose a comprehensive screening process including:

-An in-person interview with law enforcement;
-Reference checks;
-Where applicable, notifying a current or former domestic partner of a license application;
-Successful completion of gun safety and skills training provided by law enforcement or security firms;
-Certificate of mental aptitude for applicants under 26 years of age; and,
-A waiting period of 10 business days.

This is the same shit he talked about in his last article, and it isn’t any less crap.

This would have stopped the Parkland Shooting? Well let’s look at how this would have worked:

In person interview with Law Enforcement? Hey there were dozens of those. The killer was crazy, violent, and anti-social….but they didn’t see any harm in not arresting him.
Reference Checks? Like from the police, or the school, or his parents? Again, all this was done, and NOBODY took any action.
He wasn’t married, but he did have a girlfriend who didn’t think much of him, and his interactions with her, and her new boyfriend got his ass kicked out of school. And his Mom called the cops on him constantly.
What would the safety training have done? Hell he’s one of the few spree shooters who DIDN’T shoot himself.
Mental Aptitude? He didn’t have any, and nobody did anything.
10 Day waiting period? That’s the biggest piece of crap out there. It’s a vestigial practice from the days when background checks were conducted by mail, and have this false claim of a “cooling off period” slapped on to pretend that the anti-gunners are forward thinking, not resisting modern laws. Plus, do you need to “Cool Off” when buying your fourth gun? And do you think this Jerk would have changed his mind having to wait a week?

But this is Tom’s solution! He goes deep into fantasy land where magically with the passage of his anti-gun Government goes from the Keystone Kops, to brilliant and efficient systems! (It makes me wonder what Tom’s Mental Aptitude is)

The in-person interview may have uncovered some troubling attitudes on the part of the shooter in relation to guns. He may have even been deterred from pursuing a license due to the need for an interview. With the private sale loophole closed, he may have either given up the idea of purchasing a gun or been forced into the illegal market. With an accompanying assault weapons ban, the supply will eventually be reduced dramatically, substantially elevating the price of an illegal AR-15, which can cost $1,500 with all the accessories when purchased legally. An illegal purchase might cost several times that amount, making it inaccessible to most young persons.

Boy oh Boy Tom is full of himself. Again he was in the back of a cop car tons of time, and every time he slept in his bed that night and never saw a day in court until the other day…if he was afraid of law enforcement, he was stupid.

Also for the “Supply” of “Assault Weapons” to be reduced, this would imply no grandfathering, and no means to make a gun compliant. Yeah we’re “Paranoid” when we talk about door-to-door confiscations of arms.

Again all the systems failed in this, and frankly every other case. I’m not just talking about spree killers, the REAL killers, the gang enforcers in our cities are also being ignored by the system, and THEY do vastly more killing than these head cases, and they don’t use “assault weapons”, they use stolen guns, and knives.

Hey but we should give up all our freedoms and money because Tom “Weapons of War” Gabor has our best interests in mind….so much that he can’t even be honest when talking to us.

The anti-gun world in a nutshell.

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Can They Even Hear Themselves?

Ok so first, I feel for this guy. I too have a daughter, and I get it, but let’s get into it:

He repeats multiple times “We need to stop talking and start doing something”…but never actually uses the platform to give his version of a solution. I doubt he notes the irony.

Also another thing to note is that he dodges the question of “How did you feel about the issue before this?” The bottom line is gun control is bullshit, and the only laws that seem to have an issue here is the fact that despite multiple contacts and tips to law enforcement, they did NOTHING to take a dangerous person off the street.

When somebody goes on TV after they are stricken by tragedy and talks about gun control laws, their mind hasn’t changed, this was how they felt before. And that goes for people who talk FOR gun control, and AGAINST gun control.

Of course the Media has their agenda so they make sure to put the “right people” on the air.

The 24 Hour News Media is “Reality Television”, they take hours of unscripted recordings and distill it down to their predetermined narrative.

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Play Me Out: Bayou Billy

One of the worst games ever made, but a damn good first stage song.

And a damn good cover!


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On Cooking

So Larry Correia has another artful fisk up called “Fisking the “Stop Telling Poor People to Cook” Doofus, with Special Guest, My Mom” which I just have to say GO READ IT!

It’s frisking this “Progressive” turd of an article here:

There’s a meme making the rounds again comparing the amount of food you can get from KFC for $20 and the amount of food you can get from the grocery store for the same price. The implication is that stupid, poor and lazy people are throwing their hard-earned tuppence away on fast food when they could be cooking at home, being healthier and richer in the process.

Give me an absolute break.

The memes he links are here, and they are absolutely true!

The bottom line is fast food is unhealthy garbage that costs an order of magnitude more than cheaper and healthier food you can cook at home. Larry of course rips him apart on the MASSIVE fallacies he bets the farm on….essentially that it isn’t “Cheaper” when you first need to outfit a kitchen, and then quotes prices for kitchen tools that are either unnecessary or can be had for vastly lower prices.

Larry is right, make sandwiches until you can buy a cheap non-stick pan at a thrift store or your cheap kitchen store. The bottom line is while spending good money on good kitchen gear is money well spent, you can make some pretty nice meals with some cheap sheet pans and cheap frying pans.

But at the core of Larry’s fisk, but not outright said is that good fiscal behavior will always elevate you, and generally people who are poor but are making every penny of their money count won’t be poor forever, and people who are no-longer poor, or just financially better off in general because of good fiscal behavior are going to keep those behaviors even when they are an EVIL 1%er.

That’s why I like PBR, I started drinking in College, and like most college kids, I didn’t have much money, but a 6-pack of Pabst doesn’t cost much, but it sure tastes good, that has a lot of meaning to me, so I still like it today, even when I occasionally spend double the cost of a 6-pack of PBR for a single bottle of craft beer.

Here are some other good fiscal cooking stories.

A great one, with witnesses, is my cooking for the House at the NRAAM last year. I cooked two full meals, and I had to do some foolish things like buy a full bottle of oil, and a two pound sack of flour, where most of those got thrown away when we packed up at the end of the weekend. I think I spent under $40 and fed 7 grown adults. Further the kitchen at the rental was poorly equipped, it had the very basics, but not much else.

Now Sean brought a massive crock-pot, which was a HUGE help, but those are cheap….seriously, for short money you can buy an appliance that will not only open a whole world of cheap cooking for you (not only do they work great, but they change cheap meat into delicious food) but given that you can load them up in the morning, go to work all day, and have dinner cooked when you come through the door, you eliminate the “But there’s no time” fallacy in the article.

But yeah I cooked a bunch of chicken thighs (which is pound-for-pound the cheapest part of the chicken) with some onions and green peppers, and salt and pepper for seasoning. The peppers cost a bit, but onions are practically free, but I bought a huge sack of peppers which brought the price way down, and week cooked them for almost every meal. That and I roasted two heads of cauliflower with oil salt and pepper, and I think that was the whole meal. I could have baked up a dozen potatoes for not much more and everybody would have been stuffed to the gills.

But that’s not where it ends, I picked that chicken meal on a whim, instead I cooked enough chicken that there was about two pounds of leftover meat that I saved, I also strained out the liquid from the crock pot and put it in the fridge. Overnight the fat separates and the stock gels, you scrape the fat off the top, and plug that in the place for butter, and add a little water to the gelled stock, and you’re doing much better than canned stock, and I followed this recipe. Still had onions because I bought a sack for a few bucks, plus a $2 pre-made pie crust, and we had pot pie for the next night. All done with garbage utensils that could likely be found at a thrift store for maybe $50 for the ENTIRE KITCHEN! The chicken took maybe an hour with about 20 mins of prep time in the morning, and about 30 mins to roast the cauliflower with a bit more prep here-and-there, and then the pot pie is an hour start-to-finish.

When it takes about a half hour to get most take-out from start-to-finish, and the price is easily an order of magnitude different, this is really a no-brainer.

Another was the other weekend, my buddy was having a birthday party, his wife was cooking the food, the other buddy was bringing video games, and I was bringing beers…..oops his wife got sick and could still make the cake, but couldn’t swing the food.

I ran to the grocery store and bought a full-rack of pork ribs, I have a big bottle of dry rub that I maybe spent $3 on (minus a dollar-off coupon I had), and will last me a long time, and I had a big bottle of BBQ sauce that is maybe $2, but this was a bottle that had been opened for weeks. It was a special occasion so I didn’t gripe paying $15 for the rack (I have a rack in my freezer that cost me $5 that will be eaten probably next week). You put some foil on a sheet pan ($2 for the whole box of foil, and you can easily get a sheet pan for under $10) rub the ribs with the BBQ rub and seal it in a pouch and put it in a 250 degree oven. 4 hours later you open the foil and slather on the sauce and give it another hour with the foil off the top. And at 250 degrees, while I wouldn’t go to work, you don’t need to be right by the stove all afternoon. But I cooked a full rack of ribs for under $20, not even bargain hunting, compared to a full-rack will run you closer to $50 at a restaurant, that’s a HUGE savings to you, and this isn’t even a super economical meal.

And as Larry says when you’re dirt poor, you make do with all sorts of non-glamorous stuff. When I was fresh out of college and money was VERY tight I ate ramen, also I got a rice cooker at an asian market for like $15, and you can get a 20lb sack of rice for just a few dollars, that was a LOT of meals for me. If only I had known about this:

even in the winter time when tomatoes are a bit pricey, they don’t cost THAT much (and if your grocery store is like mine, and marks down the veggies that are starting to look a little bad, a tomato that’s getting a bit squishy is IDEAL for this recipe), throw in some cheap chicken or pork that you seared in a pan with some oil salt and pepper, add in some soy sauce, some diced onion, maybe some other veggies you got for cheap, you have a full meal, that really won’t taste too bad, and won’t be too bad for you for I bet less than $2 a serving.

Also you don’t need cook books anymore (tho I have DOZENS that I bought for under $5 a whack, big name books might cost $20, but I first read that pot pie in a Betty Crocker print book that set me back maybe $3) because its all on the internet. And let’s face it, everybody has internet. My cousins worked security in the welfare office, and EVERYBODY had a smart phone.

The take-away from all this talk, is I tell my daughter that learning to cook is one of the most important skills she can learn. She will ALWAYS need to eat, if she can cook, she will be eating better, both in taste and in health, for much cheaper. Also like my friend’s birthday, or the NRA show, being able to show up at somebody’s house, or cook a full meal for friends is a BIG deal for them, it’s a big deal if it costs you $50 or $20, so why not pay $20?

I see neighbors haul out their trash and see the pizza boxes and take-out containers in there, and when you eat for a week at restaurants, or take-out you are tossing SO much money away. I would rather save that money to spend on other things.

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NRAAM Update

Turns out I’m going! Hope to see many of you there!

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Handgun Radio Live

We’ll be live shortly.

We’ll be doing guns that might be mistaken for fakes.

Join us!

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Handgun Radio Live

We’re Talking double-stack and single stack technology.

Tune in

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NRAAM 2018

So a few have asked me about if I’m going to the NRA Annual Meeting.

As of right now, the answer is “NO”. I’m spinning up the new Podcast, and so far nobody else in my inner circle is going, and I hate the idea of going stag.

That doesn’t mean it’s a hard “No”, so if you’re going and want somebody to split hotel/car costs, feel free to comment or email.

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Good News for Cast Iron Lovers

So I LOVE cooking on cast iron cookware, there is really nothing that does the same job as it, and while you have to treat them completely differently than stainless or non-stick cookware, that really shouldn’t be a problem.

The big thing with cleaning cast iron is not to remove the black seasoning, which is oil and carbon. So no soap. Also since it’s just a chunk of iron it’s not a good idea to soak it in water.

This simply means you don’t clean them, you scrape them, give them a good rinse with water if they need it, dry them, then lightly oil them. If things are really bad my favorite trick is to fill them with water and bring it to a hard boil, then dump the hot water out and scrape the now soft crud, and they retain heat so well it will self-dry in seconds and then you can again apply a light oil for storage.

Or just keep the thing on your stovetop, as you can easily cook every meal on one.

The big issue with cast iron is how to get one. I have two that I use all the time, but they’re both over 100 years old. My wife has a dutch oven and a griddle by Lodge, but they don’t get used often enough for me to comment on the quality, they certainly aren’t BAD.

Then I found this video:

Looks like Field is making Cast Iron just like the kind your Great Great Grandmother used to cook on. Looking at their prices they’re four times more expensive than a comparable Lodge, but if they’re as good as Cowboy Kent says, dropping over $100 on a skillet of this quality should be a no-brainer.

Think about it. I’m really not in the market for one, because my needs are met by the two skillets I have….which are over 100 years old! We talk about guns being durable goods, and I have a few guns that are in the age range of my skillets…but I don’t shoot those guns every day. In theory you could buy a Glock or a Mossberg 500 or an AR-15 and maintain it for 100 years, and have a still-shootable gun in 2118. But can you do that shooting it EVERY day, and shooting it HARD several times a week?

Meanwhile my skillet cooked a steak in a 500 degree oven PERFECTLY and then cooked me eggs the next morning, and has been running like that for YEARS. And we’re talking the price of a new Hi-Point.

I’d totally spend it, and I might go to them if I think I need something new.

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