Bloomberg Does What Bloomberg Does

Gotta love it:

Mr. Bloomberg — a political independent who has championed left-of-center policies on gun control, immigration and the environment — has approved a plan to pour at least $80 million into the 2018 election, with the bulk of that money going to support Democratic congressional candidates, advisers to Mr. Bloomberg said.

Gotta love those loaded statements. “A Political independent”, implying that he’s bi-partisan in any way. No, he’s just a guy who’s willing to fight dirty for political gain. We see this with his anti-gun groups in stacking different shell groups and manipulating the news to give gun control an appearance of main-stream popularity, when in reality Everytown, Moms Demand Action, The Trace, and March For Our Lives all DIRECTLY answer to Bloomberg. Furthermore the Brady Campaign was in dire political straits very recently and suddenly is doing more activities and ventures than they have in years….if I could bet, I’m betting they have a new injection of Cash from Daddy Bloomberg, and I’m sure that’s not without strings attached.

But Bloomberg is from Massachusetts, lives in New York, and has essentially zero ideological ties with the Republican Party…neither does the city of New York as a general rule…so when Bloomy ran for Mayor he did it as a Republican so he could get on the ballot without a primary fight, he later switched to “Independent” so as to dump that icky Republican moniker when it outlived its usefulness.

Further when he was about to be term-limited out, he enacted a one-time exemption from term limits and won a 3rd Term. Note that Bill DeBlasio will be term limited out after 2.

He just wants to win, and doesn’t care how he does it.

Also we need to trumpet this to the heavens every time we hear some person opining about the evils of the NRA “Buying” congress. But the NRA is a public organization that’s beholden to its members, and yet Michael Bloomberg, a single man, beholden only to himself, often outspends the NRA in election money. And we can get bonus points factoring in George Soros we’re looking at HUGE money influence by a small number of private individuals with extreme political ideologies.

Also from the same article:

In a sign of Mr. Bloomberg’s deep alienation from the Republican Party, he has recently told associates that if he were to run for president in 2020, he would likely do so as a Democrat, according to people who have spoken with him directly.

It is unclear whether Mr. Bloomberg, who would be 78 on Election Day in 2020, is actively contemplating another presidential campaign or simply leaving the door open to the possibility.

Alienation with a Republican party he was never aligned with EVER. But also I must add that Bloomy has launched an exploratory committee for President EVERY election season since his 2nd Term as Mayor, and he’s learned every time that the American people as a whole hate his fucking guts, so he has NEVER been a Candidate for President under any party.

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Heads Up For Those In Florida

Been meaning to plug this earlier, but better late than Never.

Erin Palette, my wonderful Hostess at The Assorted Calibers Podcast is hosting an Operation Blazing Sword and Pink Pistols Event.

It’s Called ONE AIM Community Seminar and it is FREE to attend, you just need to register. Click link to register!

All that for free, plus you’ll be supporting a great organization, I think it might even be worth a drive and a hotel stay.

So yeah heads up, and share this with everybody!!

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Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 011: Feel the Love

Hello Internet!
In This Episode

-Erin and I talk about our friends on Patreon and how much we love them, and the giveaway we’re holding for a C-5 9mm AR lower from New Frontier Armory.
-Our main topic is the revelation that Florida may — or may not — have been conducting background checks on their Concealed Weapons Permit applicants.
-The Egghead tells us all about the benefits of a Ham Radio license and how to get one.
-Savage1R detours from cryptocurrency to talk about his new AR-15 project, the DB5000.
-Weer’d fisks part 1 of an anti-gun rant by sex advice podcaster Dan Savage (no relation).
-David talks about butting heads with very anti-gun people in New York from High School through last year.
-and Steve talks about some hazards on the job of being a PI, and how things can go from calm to crazy really fast.

If you’re interested in supporting this podcast and would like to get access to extra content and early episodes, subscribe to our Patreon!

Show Notes Can Be Found Here

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Handgun Radio Live

We’ll be talking Gun Shop Etiquette and how to choose a trainer.

Come Join us!

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Mass Shooting in Boston

What, you didn’t hear about it?

Yeah because rather than the FBI Definition, it’s the Anti-Gun Definition:

Boston was rocked by a burst of violence around midnight Friday, as five men were shot in two separate incidents, Police Commissioner William Evans said.

4 shot in one incident, one shot in another….BTW in the most anti-gun city in the most anti-gun state in America.

This will ONLY be talked about as one more stat in the raw numbers talking about how many “Mass shootings” we’ve had.

Because they are exceedingly rare when you go by the FBI definition where 4 or more people are killed EXCLUDING the attacker, but when you tweak it to the very similar sounding anti-gun lobby definition of “4 or more people INJURED INCLUDING the attacker” suddenly a jilted lover kills his wife and her boyfriend in the park, then shoots himself, and a bystander trips running away and you have a “Spree Killing”.

Of course even that story is rare, what we have here is a gang land attack where some hood-rat shot at a bunch of other hood rats, and managed to connect with 4 of them.

It’s Called “Monday” in the parts of America controlled by gangs and gun control.

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Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 010: Promotion & Proliferation

Hello Internet!
In This Episode

Erin and I discuss getting the word out:
… about the podcast. We’d like to have our listeners sharing ACP with others so that more people can enjoy the show.
… about Operation Blazing Sword, available swag, and the upcoming active shooter event. (Erin please flesh out the details of the event a little better for me)
… about your local Second Amendment groups who do the lion’s share of work for improving our rights. Join your local group, and get others to join as well!
One of our new contributors, Egghead, gives a primer on amateur (ham) radio.
I fisks a video of Robert Reich laughably called “5 Points to Counter the NRA”
David, our other new contributor, talks about being pro-gun in a massively anti-gun state in “Gun Lovers and Other Strangers”.
and Steve talks about crime and gun laws in the city of Detroit, and then about volunteering for Rick Ector’s group Legally Armed In Detroit where he helped instruct 700 women on the safe operation of pistols.

If you’re interested in supporting this podcast and would like to get access to extra content and early episodes, subscribe to our Patreon!

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Handgun Radio Live

I’m super excited about this one, We have Daniel on and we’ll be talking Magnum Automatics.

You know you’ll enjoy!

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Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 009: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Hello Internet!

In Episode 009 of the Assorted Calibers Podcast:

Erin and Idiscuss FOSTA-SESTA and the implications it has for free speech on the internet, the safety of people in real life, and why it’s relevant to the Second Amendment.
Savage discusses Initial Coin Offerings and the laws and pitfalls associated with them.
Connie talks about Memorial Day in Washington DC and answers some political questions that Erin and Weer’d asked.
WI Gives us part two of the fisk of the Brady Campaign’s “Gun Violence 101” video.
and Steve gives us his reflections on how Hollywood portrays private investigators and why they’re wrong.

If you’re interested in supporting this podcast and would like to get access to extra content and early episodes, subscribe to our Patreon!

Show notes here

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Handgun Radio Live

We’ll be talking Copies and Knock-off handguns.

Join us, will you?

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“Gun Death” Too Easy

So the reason I do the “Gun Death” Files is to show how insane the anti-gun obsession with the metric of “Gun Death”. Of course without guns there would be no “Gun Death” (and their goal is banning guns, not making us safer) but if there are still dangerous people around, the “Gun Death” files show just how easy it would be for murderers to murder in a world without guns.

One of the arguments the anti-gunners give for using the “Gun Death” Metric, is because guns make murder “too easy”, and there is the implication that lawful gun owners like us are just one bad day away from going on a killing spree.

This mornings new headlines got me thinking of this. First in Cambridge Mass:

About 3:58 a.m. Wednesday two people allegedly stole a bottle of water at the Richie’s Shell station on Cambridge Street.

The clerk went outside and confronted the men about it. When he did, one of the men got a bag from his car and pulled out a gun and shot at the clerk.

I’m curious on the “Confrontation”, was he trying recover the bottle of water. That would be a stupid move. Or was he going to take a picture of the car, license plate, and thieves so assist the police? I probably would have done that….but maybe not given that this is a self-service gas station (one I’ve used personally BTW) so the property likely has a dozen cameras.

I will take a moment to point out that these low-rent criminals who would steal a fucking bottle of water (seriously if you’re going to steal something, at least make it a soda….I’d say grab a beer or a bottle of wine, but this is Massachusetts, you can’t buy alcohol in convenience stores here) had a gun. You can’t get a carry permit in Cambridge or neighboring Boston unless you’re politically connected. This is the most anti-gun state in the union, and yet somebody was shot over a bottle of water.

Still good news:

The clerk was taken to Cambridge Hospital with non-life threatening injuries (police say the bullet grazed his foot or leg) and has since been released and is working with police to piece together the events.

Glad he’s OK, he could have been killed. But meanwhile in Boston:

A man was stabbed to death Tuesday evening at a barber shop in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood, according to police.

The Boston Police Department says the man was stabbed in the upper torso following an argument that took place shortly before 5:45 p.m. at the La Familia Barber Shop.

The victim was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The victim’s name has not been released.

If the gun was so much more deadly, why is the man shot ok, and the man stabbed, dead. Turns out both weapons are about as deadly, and honestly I don’t have the time to deep-dive on that study to see if they’re actually comparing apples to apples. I believe it was Mas Ayoob who said “I’ve rarely encountered somebody shot 20 times”, pointing out that once somebody gets to stabbing, they often do it a ton, and in contact ranges they aren’t missing much, and you can stab a LOT faster than you can shoot as a general rule.

Of course we all know if we let the anti-gunners win, they won’t leave us alone, they’ll just get even stupider when going after knives.

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