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Play Me Out: Reverend Horton Heat

Never been much for the Green Stuff. OK, well there might be a splash of Chartreuse in my glass…. Either way, this song struck a tone with me tonight! Enjoy Responsibly!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 54

Yep, another awesome show! Show notes here, download or listen below! Enjoy!!

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It Amused Me

Ok they’re crappy, and not really taking mixology that serious, but I was amused: First up there was a bunch of overlap, also how can you say “What is a Girl Drink” without being innately sexist. I could say that … Continue reading

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Friday Blog Dump

So we had a Squirrel Report that was Awesome! Also the Squirrel Report has RECIPES!! Today I made this, and it was just as easy and as good as it sounds! Also Ryan and I discussed 3D printing! So yeah … Continue reading

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Evening Tunes: Kissing In Porn

Some rather kickass Chap-Hop the wife has been consuming in massive quantities. Enjoy! Also this:

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 53

Again despite my absence from Massachusetts, I was able to record this week’s show in advance, so enjoy this week’s episode! Show notes here, show linked below! Enjoy!

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Back From Vacation!

Boy do I have some podcasts to catch up with! Ryan talked about Machine Pistols on Handgun Radio. The Squirrel Report happened just fine without me! Chester had a podcast! I need to get back on his show! And despite … Continue reading

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Anti-Gunner Richard Martinez

So after the Santa Barbara College shooting, I like many others saw this press conference: At first I confused Mr Martinez with the father of the shooter, and I was pissed that somebody who coddled and fostered such a monster … Continue reading

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The Joys of Rimfire Revolvers

Well we also talk about those .22 Bottom Feeders too… Rimfire handguns at Handgun Radio!

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She’s Right

Tam on the Walther PPK: I concur. Maybe back in the day if you wanted to carry something smaller than a 1911 or a S&W K-Frame the PPK was a pretty slick rig compared with the massive amount of single-action … Continue reading

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