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“Gun Death” Sailboat Racing

lets look at this though the eyes of the anti-freedom nuts. The San Francisco Bay Area’s tightly knit sailing community is reeling after a racing yacht accident near the Farallon Islands killed one sailor and left four missing. Twelve-foot waves … Continue reading

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All Checked In

Just finished dinner and meeting the other folks who are taking the course. Another good group, and it should be a lot of fun. Also a little bit of politics came up…yeah I’m the only conservative. Well just thought I’d … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Ahead

Man seems like I’ve been traveling a LOT recently. I have no idea how Old NFO does it! So I’m up in Maine, and will be headed north to one of the world-famous mouse labs for a week of surgery … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Savage Family

Wow… A schools administrator was beaten to death and his wife and son critically injured when his other 19-year-old son, aided by an accomplice, broke into their Farmington Hills, Oakland home and launched a brutal attack, police said. Robert Cipriano, … Continue reading

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For The Movie G33ks

Ridley Scott Talking about Directing and Prometheus for the Nerdist Channel!

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“Gun Death” Mom’s Boyfriend

See a lot of these. A two-year-old girl was brutally bitten and beaten to death while in the care of her mother’s boyfriend, local news reported. Brittany Cotton said she dropped off daughter Armaney at an Englewood neighbourhood home before … Continue reading

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This Guy is Great!

Great Watch!

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TSA Doing What They Do Best

Shutting down airports for nothing. A bomb scare that shut a terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for 90 minutes on Friday morning was caused by a passenger carrying what he said was a water filtration system in his checked … Continue reading

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Tune In!

Its Friday! That means its time for another Squirrel Report! Special guest, Linoge! Topics will be Linoge’s writing on self defense and Mob Mentality, and of course the Secret service’s affinity to hookers! Tune in tonight at 9:30pm EST, try … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

Wow, now isn’t this interesting: Commentary: Guns for self-defense mean more costs, not more benefits Odd, I own and carry guns because I have a firm and researched belief that guns do more good than harm. OK you’ve piqued my … Continue reading

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