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Doesn’t Seem like Progress to Me!

So why do they call themselves “Progressives”? Anti-Freedom is what I call them!

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Evening LOL

From the Onion of course! Snerk!

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Nobody is Immune to Mistakes

Sootch shares some gun malfs in the video including two Negligent discharges. One thing to note that while he messed up in both the NDs, because he kept the muzzle in a safe direction the only harm is his pride. … Continue reading

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More Poorly Written Bills

Aaron over at The Weapon Blog notes some dodgy wordy in the Feinstein “Assault Weapon” bill: According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine — handgun, rifle or shotgun — equipped with a “pistol grip,” would be … Continue reading

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More Antis trying to Choke out the Gun Industry

Rahm is asking mutual funds to stop working with gun makers! Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in his latest bid to pressure gun manufacturers and those who do business with them, asked mutual fund companies Wednesday to “blacklist” and divest from … Continue reading

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We’re Getting the Post up Earlier and Earlier

Topics for Tonight’s Squirrel Report are already posted. We’ll be talking about wild weather, and the new sensational policy of naming anything with snow “Winter Storm X”. Also Hilliary’s horrible behavior, as well as some of the anti-gun nonsense. Tune … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” More Deadly then Rifles

Hammers….they kill more people than rifles! A Tampa-Bay area man who authorities say attacked his neighbor with a hammer has been charged with second degree murder with a weapon….Authorities say Brooks approached Jonathan Acree from behind at a Thonotosassa trailer … Continue reading

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Morning Dumb

Spent Stinger Tube shows up in a Seattle Buy-Back Watch the latest video at It probably is worth a look at the serial numbers to see where the tube came from and how it got here. Still there is … Continue reading

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Lie and Fact

The lie and the truth: This is how they play.

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Slow Moving

Ungh, no energy, and a busy day today, so no free ice cream this morning. What do you all want to talk about?

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