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Play Me Out: AC

This Song is Dedicated to Robb’s Lovley Daughter’s dumbass teacher! (BTW I bought this album completely because of the cover….including the Orange sticker that said it was $2. I judged it by its cover and I was 100% correct! Proverb … Continue reading

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How it Works

Armed Doctor Helps people Escape. A Colorado doctor with a concealed-weapon permit said he grabbed his gun and guarded an exit at a medical building as dozens of people fled from a gunman who had taken two hostages. Authorities in … Continue reading

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Details From Ohio

Bubblehead Les who’s local to the story has sent this late-breaking news that gives a lot of interesting details on the Ohio School Shooting: The teenager suspected in an Ohio school shooting that killed three students may have used a … Continue reading

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Strawman 101

Watch a European Socialist and an American “Progressive”, both who know nothing about guns pontificate about them! This is why anti-freedom groups do everything they can to stifle opposition. Without a knowlegable voice these people sound like they know a … Continue reading

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Skewed Piece

This is being shilled by the antis. Overall its a LOT of hand-wringing and question asking, but I found two points that were worth noting: And, of course, there is the question of the gun: Was it at least difficult … Continue reading

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Morning Dubstep Love

Heh, people somehow think I like Dubstep, what would give them such a crazy idea???? From Barron this really cool video! She’s got a neat sound, I’ll have to check her out more! And Bluesun from his new diggs sends … Continue reading

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So Ladd Everit of CSGV has attempted to earn his Joyce Foundation pay by spamming various left-wing newsies with his pet issues. Particularly with the Starbucks “Buycott” and just how “Scary” and “Disrespectful” gunnies are for posting pictures of people … Continue reading

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Morning Strange Gun

Remember that dude with the Dardick? Well his collection is the Menagerie of Misfit toys! I just watched this video while getting ready for work: I just kept looking at it, and kept not figuring out what it was. Neat … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Defense

They’re not always murders A Newark man died after a tussle with a former high school wrestler he tried to rob early Saturday, NBC New York has learned….One of the men lunged to get the phone back and Davis put … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Was Not Was

An inside joke at work, but doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a great song!

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