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Don’t Be An Idiot

Be safe and SMART out there, people! When I’m shooting with new shooters, or even experienced shooters I will NOT put a gun in their hands unless I KNOW they can handle it. There isn’t a shooter out there that … Continue reading

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Arsenal in the Making!

Not sure if he’s bragging or just sharing, but Sean sent me this video of him cranking away with his Dillion 650 reloading press! My Lee Pro1000 is officially dead, and I’m debating seeing if I can send it back … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Schoolyard Fist Fight

The “Gun Death” zealots like to claim that if guns somehow don’t exist then anti-social aggressive people will settle their differences with “Harmless” Fist fights! How harmless are they? A Texas high school student who was air-lifted to a hospital … Continue reading

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BS Gun Article Fisk

Thanks to Joan Peterson for finding this amazingly ignorant article! political candidates seeking national office fear the gun lobby—especially the National Rifle Association—more than they fear gun violence. They have learned the lesson of what happened to Al Gore who … Continue reading

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The “Popular Support” of Gun Control

Leading a Colorado Senator to fall on her own sword, rather than face imminent humiliation for those who she allegedly represents! A Democratic Colorado state senator resigned Wednesday to avoid a possible recall election over a controversial gun control law … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Train Crash

Another mass death that isn’t news because it isn’t a “Gun Death” At least 26 people have been killed after a train hit three vehicles on a level crossing in Egypt. Most of the victims are believed to come from … Continue reading

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This is just wanton and horrible! Police in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country say a horse pulling a buggy has been killed in a drive-by shooting. WHTM-TV reports five people were inside the buggy Sunday night when a car … Continue reading

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Knockout Tab Clearing

Normally when I let some tabs sit open on by browser for too long they go stale. Now I have more to add! First from Zo’Nation! A little more from New York: The Brooklyn, N.Y., man accused of assaulting an … Continue reading

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A Day To Give Thanks

Heading up to Maine for Thanksgiving. It a LOT more packing this year. Normally I just throw on some of those nice clothes I generally only wear for family holidays, pack a few changes of clothes, a carry gun or … Continue reading

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Aaaaand….MORE Sea Monsters

Greenland Shark choking on Swamp Donkey! Probably was feeding on a dead moose that had fallen through the ice, or got washed out to sea in a river or by the tide. Still one can imagine some more interesting stories, … Continue reading

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