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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 93 – The Weer’dy and Pony Show!

A little Different this week! Sean and Adam tried to bring you another episode but Weer’d and Erin return from the NRA Annual Meeting to take over The GunBlog VarietyCast. Best Show Ever? Nicki Kenyon does her last regular segment, … Continue reading

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Squirrel Report (Yeah We Still Do These)

Been ages since I promoted a Squirrel Report here, but we still do them, as if you didn’t know that! It’s just an excuse to share this awesome picture! NRA meeting was awesome! And it was great meeting so many … Continue reading

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Weer’d and Ryan Hit the Road

So Ryan had the forethought to record our drive across country to Louisville and back. The results are…..well interesting Man that was a LONG drive!

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The Highlight of My NRA Show

So while walking the floor I saw a booth filled with Bullpup Rifles. I dislike bullpups, and I really handled these just so I could Mock. The Tavor is such a heavily marketed rifle, and it’s all sizzle but no … Continue reading

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Lucky Gunner and The Pending Lawsuit Funds

So this week’s Gunblog Variety Cast I covered an interview with Sandy Phillips on a panel of “Mothers Against Gun Violence”. (I reposed the show below for listening or download) In that interview Sandy said this: Sandy Phillips…The Judge on … Continue reading

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The Cabot “Big Bang” 1911 Set

These were absolutely AMAZING guns. Cabot makes some REALLY impressive 1911s, but these were LITERALLY Out of This World. Breathtaking guns. So the meteor the guns were made from was mostly made of Nickle and Iron, making it a natural … Continue reading

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A New Gig for Me

While working the floor with Ryan of Handgun Radio I got to be his Cameraman! We need to do a show with Grant to talk about all the little details on these Korth Revolvers

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 92 Sean Survives Gun Skool!

Didn’t get a chance to post this because I was on the road, but indeed we have another Gunblog Variety cast for you! Adam and Sean bring you Episode 92 of The GunBlog VarietyCast – Sean Survives Gun Skool! Erin … Continue reading

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Home Again

Got back from Louisville at 2:00 am (!!) It was such a great show. Sebastian says it was the 2nd Most attended convention after the last show I went to in Houston, it was a REALLY good convention center for … Continue reading

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All checked in to my hotel in Louisville for the NRAAM. You can see some of the hijinks Ryan posted from the road here Time for a shower and a nap! Hope to see all of you who are here!

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