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Fair Winds, and Following Seas, Grandpa of Grandpa Kitchen

I had to title it a bit odd, because all of my grandparents are dead, this was the man behind the youtube channel Grandpa Kitchen. For those who never watched the video, he was a man from southern India who … Continue reading

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Reminds Me of a Few People

I am fucking addicted to Don Shipley’s videos.   There I said it,  and I swear I’m going to sling Dan some money on his subscription service. So whenever I have a chance I watch his videos. I just finished this … Continue reading

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Robert Farago Does What We All Predicted

So back in 2010 a guy who I suspect knew very little about cars but a lot about building websites sold The Truth About Cars, and used that money to form a gun blog called “The Truth About Guns” He … Continue reading

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NRAAM Update

Turns out I’m going! Hope to see many of you there!

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NRAAM 2018

So a few have asked me about if I’m going to the NRA Annual Meeting. As of right now, the answer is “NO”. I’m spinning up the new Podcast, and so far nobody else in my inner circle is going, … Continue reading

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One Last Bit on Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser

So I thought I’d put a few final thoughts on Miek Weisser AKA “Mike the Gun Guy”. First up, not long after the events detailed here, Mike Started manually deleting any comment by me on his blog. A little while … Continue reading

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Hijack Ads

Hey, my crack Tech-Support team has told me all the repairs to the website in light of those unwanted popup and re-direct ads has been done. Unfortunately no smoking gun was found, so if you are still seeing that crap, … Continue reading

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Shirt: Now with Moar Hog!!!

Got My Squirrel Report Shirts in! I need to talk to Alan about what he did differently this time, as the shirt was cheaper, and is MUCH nicer fabric. Photo Idea stolen from here. For those who didn’t get one…too … Continue reading

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To Those Who Saw Hijack Ads

So I’ve gotten a LOT of feedback that occasionally while reading Weer’d World readers would be redirected to nasty ad sights. I at first dismissed this as an infected browser, because that was what had caused a similar problem with … Continue reading

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All checked in to my hotel in Louisville for the NRAAM. You can see some of the hijinks Ryan posted from the road here Time for a shower and a nap! Hope to see all of you who are here!

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