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The Anti-Gun Protest

If it happened I didn’t see it. No word if it didn’t happen or they just didn’t want to come in sight of the convention center. That’s dedication to the cause! **UPDATE**I guess they did show up. Couple of bloggers … Continue reading

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Your Morning Picture

Jay wearing the Snubbie-from-hell in a Dragon Leatherworks python skin flatjack With brand new matching VZ Grips. All topped off with a Gadsden Flag shirt. (Oh, I Just noticed Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks with his Desert Eagle 1911 in a … Continue reading

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Tilted Kilt

Went to Tilted Kilt last night by the invitation of Crimson Trace. First up, the food was OK, the service was not great, and frankly ladies walking around in next to nothing isn’t all that interesting to me. Also they … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Domestic Abuse

Many domestic abuse groups are against gun ownership, claiming that women are often shot by abusive spouses. A 50-year-old man faces a murder charge in the fatal stabbing of a 43-year-old woman Thursday night at a Woodhaven apartment complex. Bottom … Continue reading

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More Random

So at the NRA Con had Space Invaders I thought it was cool. Reminded me of this.

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New Holster

Breda got a new Galco Kydex belt slide. Nice, huh?

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Karma on the Floor

So most of you may know of the follies of HS Precision Well the exhibit floor is totally packed here. I’ve actually made note to come back to many vendors when they are less busy. Well the HS Precision booth … Continue reading

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Got Here

Wow, traffic sucked, no parking. Did the city think this through? Well I’m gonna get on the floor and check some stuff out.

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Stuck in Traffic

So Pittsburgh is totally locked up with traffic thanks to the NRA Convention. In the tactical minivan is Jay who never likes sitting in a stationary car. Say Uncle and Dragon. So yeah all that blog content you’re looking for … Continue reading

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“Gun Death”: Hit-and-Run

We’re always told by those who use the term “Gun Death” that cars are different than guns. Police said the mother of a 29-year-old man accused of running down three University of Minnesota students with his car has now been … Continue reading

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