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More From the Disarment Mentality

Being a stupid person, Joan Asks a Stupid Question. Yes, I understand that sometimes bad people come in to work places. But the need to carry at work is just not on the minds of most people when they get … Continue reading

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Blog Biology Roundup

Saw some cool animal stuffs on the blogs today, Thought I’d pile them up for all to enjoy. First is from Bluesun he asks if Ostrich Chicks are Cute or ugly. I say “cute”, but I gots a thing for … Continue reading

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Another Gun Control Sucess Story

In one of the most restrictive gun states we still read stories like this. Authorities say a Newark man has been arrested in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son, who was shot in the head. Police and the Essex … Continue reading

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Set Your Spam Filters

Same idiot troll now under a new name! LOL Mike Bonomo trolling Maddmedic’s place under “mikebonguncontroll”, tho he still gave the same email, and linked to the same troll blog (that is until Maddmedic swapped the link, so feel free … Continue reading

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Gun Banners Shooting Themselves In The Foot

I got this story from the BLNN. New York lawmakers are reportedly asking the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to show mercy to a Tennessee tourist who was arrested for bringing a gun to the 9/11 Memorial…“By prosecuting this woman and … Continue reading

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More Thugs Stealing All

Via Laura I read this post. Which is a more likely story: A) TSA officials in their infinite wisdom are concerned with terrorists hiring white women to conceal explosives as peanut butter cookies. B) Semi-Retarded TSA Goon was hungry and … Continue reading

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Vz 61 Porn

Oleg Volk has been shooting some gorgeous videos. The latest has a Full-auto VZ-61 Skorpion. I’m not a big Full-auto buff myself, but I must say a piece like that (can included) really gets me drooling. And is it bad … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Scissors

Schools should Be Scissor-Free Zones! A 16-year-old student at Brooklyn’s Erasmus Hall High School was charged with stabbing a fellow student repeatedly in the head with a pair of scissors, cops said Wednesday. Students said the violence started with a … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Xilent

Having a rather nice Martini, and this song is the absolute BALLS! Enjoy, and turn it up!

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How Far They Have Fallen

Back in my days as a supporter of gun control the group I always looked up to was the Brady Campaign. They worked to make those hot-headed thugs wait a week to “Cool Off” before getting a gun, and ban … Continue reading

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