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Interesting Bartending Videos

So I subscribe to this Japanese Cocktail channel. It’s 100% Japanese with no English subtitles or even instructions. In stead you get to watch the TECHNIQUE of these bartenders in the Japanese style. They are VERY methodical, which gives it … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 88: Group Show!

So Sean was moving to his new house this week, so instead of a regular show, We bring you a special group show! Sean tells you about another Sean Sorrentino. One who is a very naughty Sean Sorrentino. This Sean … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio: Tools For Tinkering

So say you have a gun, but you want to change out a part or two, or just do a lot of shooting and need some tools to better maintain your guns. Or maybe you think you need none of … Continue reading

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Just Anti-Freedom

Isn’t it funny how forces who might consider themselves polar opposites can behave so similarly. Point one: A coalition of 141 medical organizations sent a letter to four senior members of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on Wednesday urging … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the Trans Bathroom Thing Exactly

I don’t go to the can to hang out, or be social. I go there to wash my hands and rid myself of biological waste. Honestly we could dump the whole gender thing entirely and have men and women all … Continue reading

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Evening Music: Pentatonix

So this song was a HUGE hit recently: Decent, but this is the first you’ve seen it here, and it’s in a related post. Meanwhile you’ve seen Pentatonix here before, and my daughter loves them from this home run performance. … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast: Episode 87: Special Stunt Co-Host ERIN!

The 87th Episode it up here! This week on The GunBlog VarietyCast, Adam is “On Assignment” in his bed, on post-surgery bed rest, so holding down the co-host chair is Erin Palette! Just because Erin is co-host doesn’t mean she … Continue reading

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Double Down on the Repeal PLCAA Campaign

And big surprise, the double-down is to lie! So this image was dishonest, but the one above is just flat-out lying! So the “PLCAA gives the gun industry protection no other industry in America has” is technically true. Of course … Continue reading

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Oh The Joys of Anti-Gun Contradiction

I’m an avid follower of Joan Peterson of Protect Minnesota on Twitter, and the other day I was simply amazed by two posts that came up near simultaneously on her feed. So First she directed me to a letter to … Continue reading

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I Know That Gun!

So Ryan and I were talking about shown ideas for Handgun Radio, and I suggested famous INDIVIDUAL handguns. Well he liked the idea, and the rest was history! Me with the Dirty Harry S&W M29 Enjoy!

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