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Play Me Out: Metroid

A classic, enjoy

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Bad Justice: Lethal Injection

As you all know, I’m very pro capital punishment. Unlike some more vocal opponents I consider this out of respect and humanity rather than retribution, as I see it as vastly less humane to cage a person like a beast … Continue reading

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Another Gun Control Sucess Story

Let’s have a look at the story, and the hysteria: Police in South Carolina have questioned an 8-year-old boy about reports that he was firing an “assault rifle” over the head of passing pedestrians on a street in Rock Hill. … Continue reading

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More Anti-Gun Infighting, and Political Observation

Have a look at this article: Filmmaker and Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay will become the latest honoree of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence at a gala tonight in Los Angeles. McKay is appalled at the lack … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Deadly Robbery

Another “Gun Death” that shows the other side: Columbus police say an 89-year-old woman was fatally stabbed during an attempted robbery. No gun used in the murder, but the point of the “Gun Death” fanatics is that if guns were … Continue reading

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American’s Love Their Freedom!

You’ll often hear people noting the Happiest People in the world are the people of neo-socialist countries where their every whim is cared for. Of course my lovely wife quickly points out that these nations also have amazingly small populations, … Continue reading

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Actor’s Revealed for the New Star Wars

Many may know, but I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, after the Aliens series Star Wars is my favorite Sci-Fi Franchise. Yes that means I like Prometheus, and Alien: Resurrection, and actually consider Alien3 (especially the rough director’s cut) to … Continue reading

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‘Zo On Cliven Bundy

As I said before, I don’t give two shits about Cliven Bundy. All my interest in this case is the Government use of Jack-Booted SWAT when they could be civilized and treat people they have action against as the citizens … Continue reading

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Via Miguel, gun control “Experts” seem to be having trouble rationalizing their false narrative: Almost half the illegal guns seized and traced in Boston last year came back to manufacturers and dealers in Massachusetts, a startlingly high ratio for a … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Yacht Race

Who NEEDS a yacht?? A sailboat participating in a race struck a buoy outside Redwood City off the San Francisco Peninsula on Wednesday evening, killing one person and injuring another, authorities said. Not only will I question the need for … Continue reading

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