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.25 Auto Speculative Fiction

This is just a super nerdy article on what if when John Browning invented the .25 ACP it supplanted .22 Rimfire and Rimfire ammo went the way of Pinfire. Go have a read, but it makes perfect sense! And for … Continue reading

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Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 139: Soon May the Tendieman Come

In This Episode: Erin and Weer’d forgo a Main Topic for some amazing segments! Xander talks about the merits of being excellent, and not judging new gun owners for the guns they have; Speaking of cheap guns,  Oddball recently bought … Continue reading

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Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 138: The Sick, Lame, and Lazy Round Table

No one had any segments ready and several contributors weren’t feeling well, and so Weer’d, Oddball, Steve, and David got together to have a round table of 2nd Amendment news and miscellaneous discussion. We talked about: The COVID Vaccine and … Continue reading

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