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Rights Vs. Privileges

I had to renew my Driver’s license this year. Went into the RMV (which thankfully has offices open on the weekend so I didn’t need to take time off) waited maybe 2 hours, gave them ONE page of paperwork, got … Continue reading

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Awesome Clip

This is REALLY good! Watch the latest video at The general subject is one I hold very highly. Also I was amused at Penn talking about how he doesn’t do or like drugs. Back in 2002 my roommate and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Double Murder

You won’t hear about this brutal double-murder from the anti gun forces because it wasn’t a “Gun Death”. Norfolk Police have charged a 16-year-old male with two counts of second degree murder in connection with the stabbing deaths of Carol … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Who Killed the Cheerleader

Some Classic Psychobilly tonight!

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Joan Peterson Fisk

Joan dropped a post worthy of my time. Let’s do this! It turns out, of course, that guns are popular gifts. Not being into guns like that, I have a hard time thinking about a gun as a gift. My … Continue reading

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False Reality for Kids

This video is making the rounds, and its pretty sick propaganda: Engage Fisk-mode: First up no mention of the terrorist attacks stopped by TSA. Mostly because they haven’t. These checkpoints are worst than worthless, because they cost us BILLIONS and … Continue reading

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Images of the “Progressives”: Living Wage

Man this one just bugs me! I think everybody who hasn’t come from a wealthy family, and many of those people too, have worked for minimum wage. You do this because you have no skills and no experience. You work … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing

Just a run-of-the-mill stabbing: A man is behind bars after police say he stabbed a 26-year-old to death at a Loveland apartment building….Officers said the suspect and Sullivan knew each other but haven’t determined the nature of their relationship. It’s … Continue reading

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7.62x54R Winchester

Always cool!

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Images of the “Progressives”: Global Warming

Man I’m disgusted by the religion of “Global Climate Change”…or whatever the Socialists in America want to call the Environmental reason to go full-fascist these days. Ahh the ignorance of over-simplification. As a former (and frankly I’m still am by … Continue reading

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