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Dollar Coins

Alan links this little story about the US attempting to foist the Dollar Coin on us. Go read his post because he brings some grade-A snark at calling the “Progressives” on their Jackboot nature. I just have a personal story. … Continue reading

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Another Good Show!

In case you didn’t know JP556 has done Episode 2 of the Empty Mags Podcast. Looks like he’s hammered out many of the technical problems (you sound great in this one, maybe you should listen to Eric from the Handgun … Continue reading

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More on the Floater

I’m starting to think this woman was murdered and dumped in the pool. The mayor of Fall River says “that health inspectors from the City visited the pool on Monday and on Tuesday and inspected the facilities,” which was during … Continue reading

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Straw Man, Counter Point

So this video is making the rounds on blogs staffed by people who want to remove all doubt that they are idiots: Of course anybody who can open a book, let alone read the squigglies on the page knows that … Continue reading

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I don’t have too much to add, so I’ll just do linky. Sebastian and Jay have covered this bizarre story of a body floating in a public swimming pool for several days without notice. All I have to add is … Continue reading

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Gun Lust

I can’t explain it. I really don’t much like Single Action Revolvers, and I rarely cock the hammer on my DA revolvers. I have little interest in black powder guns (Tho Howdah Pistols are wicked cool), but there is SOMETHING … Continue reading

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How to Drum up Controversy

You can prattle about politics, but unless its abortion you won’t get much. Hell I stated that all doctors who write prescriptions for Marijuana should have their license revoked for violation of ethics. We can talk the caliber war where … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Where’s the Beef

Everybody, make a point to eat a cow! Iowa — A woman has died after being attacked by a cow on her farm. She was feeding the cows and one of them decided it was time to fight the power. … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: God’s Waiting Room

So I asked the wife if she was interested in going out for a fancy dinner tonight in celebration of the good news from the Doctor. Of course she’s still not 100% so I suggested take-out, but she found a … Continue reading

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More Idiocy From the Gun Banners

Thomas Menino is the Mayor of Boston, he is also the Co Chair with Michael Bloomberg of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” (Which has a large number of criminals in its ranks) he is also a very stupid man. (Go spend … Continue reading

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