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Happy Halloween!

Got a good crop of kids knocking on the door. Saw a few REALLY good costumes, and only a few piss-poor ones. Also I found this video, which EVERYBODY will enjoy! Happy Halloween!

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“Gun Death” UK

Again, these one punch killings aren’t just in the US: A mum-of-five was murdered by her fiancée who punched her once with ‘as much force as he could’ in a trivial row over whether to get a bus or taxi … Continue reading

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No Squirrels Tonight!

So Alan is all hopped up on goof-balls from having his Kidney stone “Mr. Prickles” blasted with a sonic jackhammer. Breda has decided that letting him near all the knobs and switches in the Squirrel Report News Room would be … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Nomenclature

This one makes me chuckle: First up, Why the hell not? Anti-gun people will call the pictured rifle an “Assault Rifle” or “Assault Weapon” simply because that best suited their agenda and had nothing to do with facts or reason. … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Gun Free Zone

On it’s surface this image is pure stupidity, but I would also say it has a more sinister context: So yeah the implication is that students are in danger of school shootings. Of course this, at least statistically speaking, is … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Canada

One punch kills are not isolated to the United States: A Winnipeg teen has taken responsibility for killing a fellow high school football player with a single surprise punch hurled outside a rookie initiation party in Transcona. Christian O’Neail, 18, … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Utada Hikaru

Man, this is a cool cover. Also neat to see how she manages to transpose it from a whiny male vocal to a strong female vocal, all in a language that isn’t her first.

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CSGV Playing Fast and Loose

Two interesting videos from CSGV: The repeated line: You didn’t buy the gun. You didn’t pull the trigger. But if you’ve voted for politicians that refuse to support common sense gun laws, you’ve helped to facilitate mass shootings in America. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Thugs

Another one punch kill: A grieving Bronx family is stunned that the teen accused of sucker-punching their father and husband is being charged with a misdemeanor that could result in the suspect doing less than a year in jail. Ildefonso … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Unprevoked Punch

Another one-punch death: A Palatine man accused of throwing an unprovoked punch that fatally injured a 26-year-old man outside a bar is in custody on a newly filed charge of first-degree murder, police said Tuesday. Yesterday we discussed a death … Continue reading

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