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Today We Remember

I’m really not going to put up a ton of pomp and circumstance here. I will just mention that most of us have the day off (not I, I’m heading into the lab for a short day of work) but … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Eriko in my last post Linked this video. Very very interesting. Part of me wants to totally disagree with this concept, but on the other hand it gives some VERY compelling examples. Also yours truly writes a blog for free … Continue reading

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Cancer of a Healthy System

This video Has made some big political waves and sparked some great discussion So I thought I’d chime in. First before I go slighting people I mean no harm to, and am actually arguing FOR, I’ll point out that I’m … Continue reading

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There are a few rabbits that hang out in my yard. This is the female of a male-female pair.

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You Will Be Missed

As you might have noticed here I’m a big fan of Dennis Hopper. This news was expected, but still makes me sad to see him go. He added so much flavor to a scene Also I won’t lie, he was … Continue reading

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Hurry Up Mr. Gura!

Alan Gura told me when we met that the “Common Use” clause of Heller would be an easy test to topple things like Massachusetts handgun roster and the Assault Weapons ban we have. I hope he hurries, because this gun … Continue reading

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Domestic Jungle

Ambulance Driver had himself a neat catch Neat! Personally I’m not a huge fan of Glue traps, I prefer The Maxim Traps m’self But something tells me a Maxim trap won’t catch a snake as well as this. Not that … Continue reading

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Embrace the Weer’d!

Or Somthing Alan decided the last two Vicious Circles were too serious so he decided to have a non-serious one where we talk about all things Weird, and then miss spell them in the title! Enjoy, I sure did!

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Haven’t we all had times when we wished this really was a law?

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Just Sayin’

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