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Range Day

Lovely day, and today our gests want to hit the gun range. I don’t blame them! Guns are fun, and new shooters are a lot of fun. This is why we’re winning!

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“Gun Death” Another Stabbing

We all know that once guns are banned the people who use the made-up metric of “Gun Death” will start using “Knife Death”. Lynchburg, VA – Lynchburg police arrested and charged 25-year-old Lakita Lashea Miller with voluntary manslaughter after they … Continue reading

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Happy Coelacanth Day!

Too Cool! Robin Stobbs, a coelacanth researcher in South Africa, informed me that an individual of the Indonesian coelacanth was filmed at the depth of 170 m, 17, at 8:30 am on May 30, 2006, off shore Buol, about 350 … Continue reading

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Take a Moment

To remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, on this Memorial Day. Without human sacrifice and bravery, we would have nothing.

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“Gun Death” Knife and Vet

A sad tale. There was never a question of who killed James Stropas, a decorated Army sergeant and Iraq war veteran. Sean Burton did it. He stabbed Stropas more than 70 times in the parking lot of a Delaware County … Continue reading

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Afternoon Irony

Just thought I’d share. The USS Constitution is legally a Federal Building, so the carrying of firearms is a federal felony on board. Ironic given its namesake. Thankfully the neighboring museum and the USS Cassin Young are just National Parks, … Continue reading

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Aquarium Blogging: Now in Smell-o-Vision

Thought I’d share some sights and smells of the New England Aquarium First one of the seals crashed out after the show. He smelled like most seals, which, if haven’t smelled seal is essentially Wet dog, Body Odor, and dead … Continue reading

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Day At The Aquarium

Got some friends in town for the long weekend. In Boston right now at the Aquarium. Always a good time. Waiting for a show to start. Here’s a Northern Fur Seal doin’ the pre-game thing.

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“Gun Death” Shaken Baby

An all to common non-gun fatality. COON RAPIDS, Minn. – A 5-month-old baby girl from Coon Rapids has died after spending nearly a week on life support. The girl was taken to the hospital on May 11 with bleeding on … Continue reading

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Our Own Police State

We all have read about this case Full Swat Video Here. The man was a Marine Veteran, had no criminal record, and this para-military raid uncovered no contraband. Furthermore the Marine did NOT fire upon the police with his own … Continue reading

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