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Anti-Freedom, NOT Anti-Gun

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Those who ban guns want to ban ALL individual liberty. They know better…even when they’re total idiots. And of course Bloomberg isn’t some lunatic yelling into a wind. … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure

All the cool kids are doing it! Here’s my duck! adopt your own virtual pet!

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Neat Gun

It kind of loses the point of being a small pocket gun when you throw the can on the end of it, Also the sights on the 21A are pretty tiny, and they get obscured by the can, and the … Continue reading

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At Least They Used the Quotes

Classic Anti-Freedom boilerplate: Seattle city council members say the spate of shootings in the city has heightened their interest in seeking new gun control regulations. But they say they’re proceeding carefully, since the city’s previous ban on guns in parks … Continue reading

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Joan Person actually typed this up. Article here: An incident involving a kindergarten student found last week to have a gun in his/her backpack (the identity of the child is not being released) has put a local superintendent in the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Van

They say Mini-Vans are some of the safest cars on the road! A passenger in a van was killed in what police termed a “freak accident” at a Corpus Christi Wal-Mart, KIII-TV is reporting. The woman, 45, was riding in … Continue reading

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OK I Want to See This!

I hate the UN, they’re a worthless group of criminals enriching themselves while the people the claim to look out for die. I personally think the US should withdraw from the UN, and evict the UN from New York and … Continue reading

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May Issue Permits

In Iraq ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Hiwa Hassan, 34, visited the Erbil Governorate Office twice last year to renew his firearm license. He was turned down both times, even though he says he needs a firearm because his job requires … Continue reading

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Interesting S E X!

And a little Weird, even for me. Still as far as I can tell its all fairly accurate and not too anthropomorphized. (thanks to Alan and Breda for thinking of me with this one) I saw this in the “related” … Continue reading

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Update on a Classic

I agree with Jeff that if it wasn’t for the fact that S&W chambered their revolver for the less powerful .45 Schofield, I suspect they might have become the standard for Single-Action revolvers. I really don’t have a lot of … Continue reading

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