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Handgun Radio Live

We’re Talking double-stack and single stack technology. Tune in

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NRAAM 2018

So a few have asked me about if I’m going to the NRA Annual Meeting. As of right now, the answer is “NO”. I’m spinning up the new Podcast, and so far nobody else in my inner circle is going, … Continue reading

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Good News for Cast Iron Lovers

So I LOVE cooking on cast iron cookware, there is really nothing that does the same job as it, and while you have to treat them completely differently than stainless or non-stick cookware, that really shouldn’t be a problem. The … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio Live

We’re going again Tune in! We’re Talking SHOT show and listener emails.

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Bright: Movie Review

Not a long review, really just “See It!” McThag has a great review up that got me to watch it. Overall it’s a genera mash-up. It has some STRONG similarities with Alien Nation, when in the 1988 Film James Caan … Continue reading

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Another Reason to have a 2nd Amendment

You can legally defend against this crap. The 2nd Amendment is the RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS, not just guns, and if you’ve been following the issue we have 2nd Amendment groups that focus on guns, and groups that … Continue reading

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Tom Gabor: Firearms Owner Licensing. A Weer’d Fisk

So Mike Weisser is likely crazy, and definitely anti-gun. Still he did what I consider a great thing, he’s opened his blog up to other anti-gunners to preach propaganda, and the occasional gun article written by an out-of-touch anti-gun Elmer … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio Live

Haven’t Even Decided what we’re talking about tonight! Come along for the ride

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Some Cryptic Podcast Talk:

So understandibly the last episode of Gun Blog Variety Cast has generated a lot of chatter. That show had a lot of fans who are understandably upset to see it go. I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about what … Continue reading

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