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Gun Guy Radio with Guests Ian, and myself!

This was just cool, I’m a huge fan of Ian from Forgotten Weapons and Gun Nation Podcast, and finally I got to sit down with him on Gun Guy Radio when Ryan was hosting! We talked about the cool guns … Continue reading

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The Squirrel Report RETURNS!

It had a bit of a hiatus because Alan was stuck on crappy hotel WiFi, and last week was so riddled with technical difficulties and low energy I didn’t even pimp it here. But yeah it’s back! Enjoy some Squirrel!!

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Play Me Out: Tom Waits

This song was first released in The Early Years recordings. This version is super rare and VASTLY superior! Enjoy

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Great Advice to New Shooters

It also has the added benefit of you getting much more comfortable with a gun in your hand which always helps further training and shooting.

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Gunblog Variety Cast, Episode 62

The latest show is up! Show notes here, show below!

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Handgun Radio: Cool Handgun Names

This was a fun idea that I had way back here Ryan and I Run with it on Handgun Radio! Enjoy, it was a real fun one!

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Because Guns Are Awesome

This video made me giggle. Also click here to do me a favor!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 61!

Have a listen to another action-packed, Smile-a-mile adventure into the minds of the crazy Gunbloggers! Show notes here, podcast below! Enjoy!

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That Squirrel Report

Alan has been on the road, and crappy hotel Wi-Fi means we couldn’t get the show off the ground! Sorry about that! I’m itching for a show too!

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Images of the Antis: Ironic

I really do think they are this stupid! Except the shootings happen where guns are banned….

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