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Play Me Out: Zomboy

A little more sweet and melodic for this evening: Zomboy is really amazing!

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Discussions of the “Gun Death?” Files Project

Been a busy weekend, but I took a little time to refill the “Gun Death?” magazine as it ran dry with this morning’s post. Was talking about a few of the upcoming stories that I’m particularly impressed with, and she … Continue reading

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Lee Dorin Covers the Arab Riots

Really as this unfolds this is really a big deal. I think the biggest deal of this whole event is Obama’s disinterest in security on US Embassies and Consulates, and his framing of an innocent American citizen for these attacks. … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Bridge

This is a bad one A New Jersey man accused of throwing his 3-month-old daughter off a bridge repeatedly confessed to investigators, prosecutors said in opening statements Wednesday of the father’s murder trial. Shamsid-Din Abdur-Raheem’s own words will help show … Continue reading

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.22 Plinkster’s Ammo Choice

Interesting that he uses very affordable ammo for his AMAZING trick shots! I generally just use the American Eagle red brick ammo because that’s the stuff that both works in all my guns, and my local shops carry it. I’ll … Continue reading

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TSA, Keeping Us Safe

Can we Disband the TSA now? At less than six inches and just under 10 ounces, the Ruger .380 is considered by gun owners to be a great little pocket pistol. So small, in fact, that you can sometimes get … Continue reading

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Reason Rebuttal

I guess Sam Jackson made a stupid Obama video the antis really like. Reason, being a libertarian group that doesn’t much care for the Republicans or Democrats speaks up.

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ONN Fake but Accurate

The Onion New Network is a comedy site…but I’ll add that I first read about John Wayne’s faithful encounter with his wife Lorena Bobbit in the Weekly World News. I think they may be on a real story here!

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The Plot Thickens

On that boy shot by his dad during a B&E Attempt: Tyler Giuliano had no trouble with the law. The teenager loved flying small planes as a Civil Air Patrol cadet and seemed happy as he played an online game … Continue reading

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The Butler Did It!

Interesting: A Vatican tribunal has thrown out some evidence gathered in the investigation of the pope’s butler, who is accused of stealing the pope’s papers and passing them off to a journalist in the worst security breach in the Vatican’s … Continue reading

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