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Packed Up

Gonna be shooting down to North Carolina to visit some friends for the long weekend. Probably some light Blogging ahead. Still the “Gun Death?” Files are all ready to go (again HUGE thanks to all who submitted stories, you make … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Messed Up

WOW this is a strange one: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Had to share. Found by JP

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An Option to Consider

Shelley Rae has an interesting write-up of pistol carbines as home defense guns. I must say its an option that is often chided by people who might chose a more effective or convenient gun. I like Pistols for HD just … Continue reading

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Interesting Discovery

As an expansion of this story, a local radio host ran a search for “Obama” in a few local public records departments. Its a rotten scan, but it turns out that one “Omar Obama” had a tax lien against him … Continue reading

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Best of the Best

Mike over at Every Day, No Days Off, has been collecting videos of “Hardcore” trainers that do foolish and dangerous things. This one just amazed me, because not only is it stupid, but its allegedly Spetsnaz, not some backyard mall-ninja … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Machete

Most places sell Machetes, no background check, and usually for short money. Is it time for “common sense” laws? One San Antonio man accused in the alleged machete death of his roommate has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and … Continue reading

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Detail Strip Blues

I’m an odd duck, I LOVE field stripping guns. I like how things come apart and to look at how things go together, and the nature of Field stripping it means no tools, and no small parts. Detail stripping generally … Continue reading

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More Double Standards of the Antis

Blah, the antis blogs have been VERY boring still I was just skimming Joan Peterson’s blog and I saw a trend. Seems she constantly attacks the source of a rebuttal information. “Oh you can’t cite Wikipedia!” “Oh, that guy works … Continue reading

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Progressive Projection

Grrrr this frustrates me so much. I’m listening to Nerdist #113 with Mike Birbiglia. About halfway through they start talking about politics. The sheer irony of saying that there are hardcore racists in America who get upset when they get … Continue reading

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Great Video!

**Sorry, Found this Post floating in the draft bin. Its an old one, but still good** Yeah all gun owners and people who advocate self defense are fat white men! Looks like a pretty good slice of demographics right there. … Continue reading

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