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Quote of the Day, 1,000 Words:

Go see the full-size version here I like it!

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Belated Birthday

To Mr. Robert Zimmerman who turned 69 yesterday. (BTW there are very few good live videos of Dylan on youtube)

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Bite of the Cobra!

In all hilarity one of my more amusing discoveries for the NRA convention was my trip to the Cobra Booth. They got a LOT of press in the news about the convention because of their brightly colored pocket pistols, J-frame … Continue reading

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Tam links a Firearms Blog post on a Ruger LCR Caboom Go over and have a look. Its a VERY strange looking catastrophic failure. I have no idea what could have caused that. The instructor suspects bad timing, and the … Continue reading

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Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. William Button! Getting married was one of the best decisions of my life, I suspect it will be for you two as well! Arrrrrrr

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House of Cosbys

Told Vector I’d post this. Boss showed it to me, thought it was really strange, and amusing. SO here it is. They call me Weer’d for a reason.

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This guy does great youtube videos. Here are a few that amuse me. I love to see how modern semi-autos have really come so far in terms of reliability. Wasn’t long ago people would deride semi-autos because they would jam … Continue reading

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Linky Linky

Likin’ the new Digs, And I found some cool shit to link to, so have a peek. Google has a splash page celebrating Pacman, and you’ll note that where “I feel lucky” usually is, is “Insert Coin” and you can … Continue reading

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Condition Orange

So in the last 24 hours a few people have had a similar reaction to the discussion topic here: here and here with the response “I don’t want to live in fear!” Only I don’t see it as working like … Continue reading

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Looks a Mess here

Wow, looks a mess in here. Careful where you step, Weer’d World is now under construction…which is a huge improvement from those particleboard signs with some very nice computer images printed on them saying “Site of the new Weer’d Blog!” … Continue reading

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