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The Story the Nation Ignored

Robb mentions a Marine who received the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism for foiling a attempted robbery, mass rape, and murder. On the night of the party, the robbers stole money, cellphones and other items from the partygoers. … Continue reading

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Story Across the Nation Hits Close to Home

Big fire in New Mexico, the Nerds are Evacuated but doing well it seems. Good luck guys, and hopefully I’ll be talking Science with Labrat, and Filthy dirty porn with Stingray on a Vicious Circle soon!

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He Had a Good Run

Looks like Peter Falk shed his mortal coil at the age of 83. Of course we all love the Princess Bride (seriously does anybody NOT like that film?) Still my favorite of his works was a fairly recent one: Go … Continue reading

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Combat Accuracy

Old NFO points me to this video by the great hickok45 An uber-high-end Ed Brown 1911 According to Google they run about $2500 NIB and a plane-Jayne Glock 21 Which runs around $530 NIB. Both guns are considered high quality … Continue reading

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Doctor Update

I’m heading into the office in a bit, just thought I’d drop yet another update. Very fortunate that we already had this appointment scheduled so everything was able to move so fast. The Mrs. is off to work, and while … Continue reading

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Morning LOL

More from Good old Joad. Man I love this stuff!

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“Gun Death” Convicts and Pizza

This one got the “Bad Justice” tag too! A man who stabbed another man to death in a fight over how to cook a Pizza Pop will be released to a halfway house. But the decision by the Parole Board … Continue reading

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Evening Oddity

So the other night the Mrs. was watching the 1998 Remake of The Parent Trap starting the insatiable Lindsay Lohan I found myself deeply amused by imagining her in clown makeup and prattling like Dr. Rockso I DO COCAINE A … Continue reading

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Six Guns

OK I’m a 1911 guy specifically, and a semi-auto guy in general, but I’m hardly anti-revolver. As a matter of fact I’m packing my S&W642 today, and I think ANYBODY who’s serious about carrying should have a small-frame lightweight revolver … Continue reading

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Twitch Update

So the Mrs. came home, and we had dinner and talked about her epilepsy. She’s doing MUCH better, and I imagine its only a matter of time before these transient side effects vanish. Things are looking really good, and she’s … Continue reading

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