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Stay Tuned

Wow, I’m listening to Collin Goddard of the Brady Campaign Vs. Larry Pratt of GOA on NPR (three organizations that I think do more harm than good) I’m finding the debate is a target rich environment, I’m going to have … Continue reading

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It Can Happen Here

And lightning can strike twice in the same place. An AWOL Army private arrested after investigators found bomb-making materials in his hotel room raised suspicions as soon as he pulled up in a cab at the gun store where he … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Love Triangle

I guess the best way to solve a Love Triangle is to kill one of them… Thomas Joseph Fort Jr., 27, was found dead inside a storage building behind the home on Tuesday morning, Sheriff Brindell Wilkins Jr. said. Investigators … Continue reading

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For Vector

Seriously dude this is JUST for you! Thanks Waldo for digging this up for me! LOL!

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Set Your Dials

Thought I’d give this a bit of advance notice. Looks like Alan has changed the streaming for the latest VC from UStream to here. Topics will be posted here as usual. Time is still the same. Friday at 9pm EST, … Continue reading

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Life is for the Living

Got home from work and the weather was about perfect. 80 degrees, low humidity with a gentle breeze. So I took a walk around the lake, and stopped by the local smoke shop. Grabbed a nice cigar (Hoyo de Monterey … Continue reading

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For whatever reason the RSS sidebar is now dead. I didn’t even touch it! WTF? Doe anybody have a better program?

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Morning Listening

Just did a long slog in the lab, and generally I just tuck the head down, crank a few podcasts, and git-r-done. First I must say, even if you aren’t into podcasts, or Michael Bane, PLEASE listen to his latest … Continue reading

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Morning LOL

From Waldo: I have no idea what the George C. Scott Film is, but it speaks to me. LOVE the early Adam Sandler Films. Also I’m a HUGE fan of Spanglish, but somewhere around Big Daddy Sandler appeared to be … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Chair

Both a “Gun Death?” and a Dead Goblin. Story here: An intruder who was bludgeoned to death by a chair-wielding Raleigh Court apartment resident last weekend was identified Thursday as Jose Elias Castro Ramos, 27, of Roanoke…No charges have been … Continue reading

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