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Nice Song and Great Video

I prefer her more high-energy stuff, but this one was really pretty, and I like the video.

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Joan Peterson: Modern Don Quixote

Of course Don Quixote jousted with windmills he thought were giants, that fantasy is maybe too scary for her. Instead she debates with straw men she thinks are gun owners! What is the logic in laws that allow people who … Continue reading

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In a “Gun Free Zone” This is News

In NYC for a little over one day NO shootings, or stabbings! It may be a small — or, rather, nonexistent — number, but it’s a heartening statistic: there were no shootings, stabbings, slashings, or murders in New York City … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stripper Fight

You never know A woman struck a man in the eye with a high-heeled shoe amid a large melee in a strip club dressing room Friday night, according to an arrest affidavit. That woman, Victoria Perez, is in Travis County … Continue reading

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Pocket Pistols of the Old West

Great video here. I really like seeing the Cowboy Action guys shooting Double-Action guns. I’m a Double-Action revolver guy, I see fanning the hammer as a crutch for shooters with bad trigger pulls.

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“Gun Death” Counselor

I thought this deserved a separate spot on the “Gun Death?” Files: A suspected drunken motorist accused of driving more than two miles with a dying man on her hood was a former addict who seemingly had turned her life … Continue reading

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CDC Going After Booze

Because it makes us fat….kinda The most comprehensive source I’ve come across (and referred to recently here) for uncovering what Americans are eating and drinking—including alcohol—is the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, last updated in 2010. And if this CDC … Continue reading

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I Welcome The Robot Overlords!

Umm Yeah It is, perhaps, the most common plot in science fiction books and movies. Robots and intelligent machines develop superior powers and overwhelm their creators. But, although these are just stories, a co-founder of Skype, a leading scientist and … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” NYC

Again NYC has more blood on its hands. The Manhattan mother of two young children found fatally stabbed in their tony Upper West Side apartment maintained a blog of her children, detailing the “precious hours” she spent with them. Not … Continue reading

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Evening LOLz

Via Nerdist LOLZ!

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