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Good! Bob Jackson might be thought to have reason to welcome the mayor of New York splurging millions to make guns the issue of a Chicago election. After all, Jackson heads a group, Roseland Ceasefire, struggling to contain a surge … Continue reading

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Turns out after the passing of the SAFE Act in New York, New York Law Enforcement is having a trade show called the “Tactical Conference” Go read Sean’s post. I’ll point out there is certainly some discrepancy in the law … Continue reading

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Late Start

My Sleep has been wonky as of late. For those who watch the post logs you’ll notice my eyes have been popping open around 0400 each morning. I assumed this happened this morning…it didn’t. Gotta go to work! Blog later!

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“Gun Death” Neglect

You totally need guns to kill! Jurors have gone home for the weekend without deciding on the punishment for a Dallas woman convicted in the dehydration death of her 10-year-old stepson. Tina Marie Alberson was convicted Friday afternoon of second-degree … Continue reading

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Reason on the Sequester

Frankly, we’re broke, and have been for decades, any cuts are good. Of course the Daddy State types would just rather us spend like an unemployed college student with a credit card…

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Another useful phrase!

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She’s right, Rape isn’t about being sexual, but power and violence. Interesting that the people suggesting the most insulting “Rape Prevention” techniques are for civilian disarmament and restrictions of liberty. See a trend in common?

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Morning LOL

AFT has been slacking recently, but this one brings the LOLz

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“Gun Death” Pickaxe

I have a pickaxe. Around here the ground tends to be 90% root structure, so if you need to dig a hole you need a pick. I bought mine at the big-box hardware store for a few bucks and no … Continue reading

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Grass Roots Vs. Astroturf

Turns out while one side packs themselves in gun shows and “Town Hall” Meetings, the other creates fake accounts to make their numbers appear significant! President Obama supporters appear to be using fake Twitter accounts to send pro gun-control messages … Continue reading

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