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Isn’t That Interesting!

S&W no longer lists “Massachusetts” in their “State Compliant” list of rifles. Those are some deep pockets that will not stand for it, and there are so many Massachusetts residents who are behind them!

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SQRPT Ep: 202 Massholes!

This week, I spend a LOT of time bitching about the new Mass AWB Interpretation Also other stuff. Enjoy!

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To Put it Gently: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!

Remember this video? Well for those who don’t listen to Handgun Radio, or know me in person, I put in a deposit for one of the K&M M17S308, specifically one in Green with a 16″ unthreaded barrel (Ken was nice … Continue reading

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Hijack Ads

Hey, my crack Tech-Support team has told me all the repairs to the website in light of those unwanted popup and re-direct ads has been done. Unfortunately no smoking gun was found, so if you are still seeing that crap, … Continue reading

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Handgun Radio #136: Commie Pistols

This was such a FUN show! Not only are we talking about a soft-spot of mine, which is collecting Eastern Bloc and Warsaw Pact Nation firearms (specifically Handguns here) But also I had the pleasure to work with Savage1R of … Continue reading

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 100

First up, I must say, I’m impressed at how many shows I do that are in show counts well over 100. What’s neat about THIS show is I’ve been on EVERY show! If I’ve done 100 of these shows, how … Continue reading

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SQRPT #201

Was planning on doing a light show talking about Pokemans…but then the shit happened in Nice just before the show started. It’s still a good show Enjoy

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Hangun Radio 136: Handgun Design Disasters!

So Ryan, Daniel and I have part 4 of our great series on handgun flops. Sometimes it’s just like a train wreck, it’s so satisfying to see the flops! Give it a listen!

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GunBlog VarietyCast Episode #99 – Savage BotNet Cameras Give Bad Advice at the Post Office

New Show is up! The internet is full of derp and malice, wrapped in porn and cat videos. Come join our intrepid cast of Derponauts as they plumb the outer limits of human stupidity! Beth Alcazar was in Washington DC … Continue reading

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Stuff I Didn’t Know

This is REALLY cool! I always assumed that the magnetic surplus ammo I had was a copper and iron alloy, rather than a sandwich. Makes me wonder about barrel life….of course like people talking about extractor wear when shooting steel … Continue reading

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