Funny Gunnie Movies

So Caleb has a link to this cool video.

HILARIOUS! I really like how he has all the tactical gear but no gun.

Tossed this video up in The Conspiracy and Buddy Zercool and I shared some of our faves. From Zer:

I’m a huge fan of this dork:

No idea if he thinks he’s legit, or playing us for a fool, but I’m laughing!

This guy is making fun!

Post your faves!

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  2. BobG says:

    Get them all together and form the F-Team.
    That second jackass blows my mind; who the hell would flip a pair of cock guns around in their hand where one of them is always pointing back at the shooter?
    Who’s the “Elite Team Fighter”, gecko45?

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  4. Laughingdog says:

    If you watch the prequel and episode one of the first guy (RTT-CQB Man), you’ll learn two things. First, he’s a Marine down at the Kings Bay Naval Base, so he probably can’t actually possess a gun where he’s filming that. Second, that is clearly a bit he’s been doing for his buddies entertainment for a while before finally recording it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I saw them all. The latest one is the best. (I kept thinking about it while I was handing out candy last night)

      I also get the impression that its likely a combination of the worst traits of some of the instructors they’ve had combined together with some internet tomfoolery for spice.

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