Beard Power!

Thirdpower sends me this cool story!

“We took 100 soldiers. 25 were Special Forces qualified and had beards, 25 were Special Forces qualified without beards, 25 were regular Army allowed to grow beards for the study, and the last 25 were regular Army without beards. All 100 of these subjects were in direct combat in Afghanistan during the study.”

He continued, “Xegis Solutions had several teams of researchers embedded with these troops to make observations on their combat effectiveness. The results were overwhelming, out of the 50 soldiers with beards, zero were wounded or killed and they had a significantly higher accuracy of fire than the soldiers without beards. The soldiers lacking beards had a higher rate of weapons malfunctions and basically, shit went wrong most of the time.”

CENTCOM wasted no time establishing a new rule forcing males to grow beards.

OK that last bit makes me think they’re pulling my leg. Still I stand behind my Beard, and my personal claim that it gives me my supernatural powers!

Also in all seriousness I will note that in a time when it is fashionable for men to shave their bodies, I have let my fields go fallow because if there wasn’t supposed to be hair growing there nature wouldn’t have put it there!

I do shave the margins of my beard because it makes me look a bit more presentable when there are nice sharp lines at the edges, and I keep both my beard and head hair short because I don’t like much more preparation before I go out the door for work than getting dressed, brushing my teeth and doing a press-check on my carry gun.


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  1. Jack says:

    Aye. Had my beard for 12 years now. I’ve got such a heavy beard that I’d have to shave twice a day to stay clean shaven, and nuts to that!

    I also take a minimalist approach for my hair, neat the edges and when it gets longer than my beard buzz it down.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I actually grew my beard because my skin is VERY sensitive to shaving. Even after all these years I still need to shave my neck line at night because my skin gets angry red after shaving, even with the crazy Mach LMXVII blades and ultra sensitive shaving foam. And if I shave more than twice a week my skin looks like a war zone.

      So I have a full beard which means I just need to touch it up from time to time.

      • Jack says:

        I’m the opposite in sensitivity as I use generic blades for touchup and don’t use any shaving foam. Only water.

      • Jake says:

        You should try an old fashioned safety razor. Those fancy modern multi-blade razors tear my face to pieces. Instead, I use an old double-edge safety razor with Derby brand blades from Amazon, and don’t have any issues. I also wet-shave, which helps too. The canned goop is crap. A good quality shaving soap and water works much better.

        FYI, that box of 100 blades, which I bought back in April of 2010, only cost me about $15 at the time (including shipping), and I still haven’t finished off the box two years later. I see today that the price has gone down to $7.79 + free shipping (I should go ahead and order another box!). Definitely a better deal than the $19 for an 8 pack of Mach 3 blades.

  2. MattW says:

    I wish you could convince my wife. She keeps threatening to shave it off in the middle of the night.

  3. Mark says:

    Bearded off and on since 1990, been constantly bearded since 2002. I like my beard. Sometimes I let it grow out for months, until my mother who lives a few blocks over calls me Santa Claus, then I trim it.

  4. HerrBGone says:

    I’ve had kids mistake me for Santa. Been bearded off and on for at least a couple of decades and not been un-bearded for at least fifteen years. I have a few friends that I’ve known it seems forever who’ve never seen me without a beard. Frankly I’m just too lazy to shave! It’s too much of a PITA! And it’s one more thing I’d have to do every morning. Not being a morning person I need to streamline that part of my day as much as possible. And I heartily agree: If it weren’t meant to be covered in hair, hair simply wouldn’t grow there!

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