Race Riots Brewing

Getting more and more scary.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – College students around Florida rallied Monday to demand the arrest of a white neighborhood watch captain who shot an unarmed black teen last month, though authorities may be hamstrung by a state law that allows people to defend themselves with deadly force…The 70 protesters at the Sanford rally chanted “What if it was your son?” and held posters saying, “This is not a race issue.” Many carried Skittles.

Martin’s parents and other advocates have said the shooter would have been arrested had he been black.

This is not a race issue, yet the race card keeps getting played over and over again. Further Zimmerman is a dark skinned Hispanic, yet its more convenient for him to be called “White”. I wonder why? Also I hate to play the card myself, but it seems to be par for the course. Have you noticed in all these rallies there isn’t a white face in there? Not saying there aren’t white people who don’t understand that Zimmerman is still under investigation and still very well could be tried, convicted, and sent to prison for Murder, or many other wrongful death charges. I’m just saying that maybe even idealist “Progressive” guilty-white-liberals are probably terrified to show their white faces in a black race riot…

I’m terribly concerned that Trayvon Martin is not going to be the only person killed from this event.

The case has garnered national attention, and civil rights activist Al Sharpton and radio host Michael Baisden planned to lead another rally Thursday in Sanford.

Al Sharpton? History repeats itself. Remember Freddie’s Fashion Mart? or Tawana Brawley?

What’s scary is not the repetition of history, but the fact that people who have seen it all before are fanning the flames…

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  1. Bill Baldwin says:

    I think it’s going to get nasty in FL. At least CNN is reporting that Zimmerman is Hispanic.


  2. Rob Crawford says:

    I’d love to hear someone explain how this is different than revving up a lynch mob. Does the color of the accused matter? Does the color of the mob matter?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Rob, I’ll simply ask: Do you think the Media would look the other way if Stanley Anne Dunham had been knocked up by a white fella in college, and that young man attended a white supremacist church?

      Unfortunately our nation has become so guilty of the sins of generations past that we’ve become exactly what we were trying all too hard to stamp out.

      See also Germany who now arrests Comedians for telling Politically incorrect jokes as a knee-jerk reaction to guilt felt about their grandfathers and great grandfathers involvement in WWII and the Holocaust.

      We’re so guilty of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the Klan, that we’ve actually empowered the violent black racists, and given them Carte Blanche to commit the very crimes that we were so ashamed of.

      • Scott says:

        “We’re so guilty of Slavery, Jim Crow, and the Klan, that we’ve actually empowered the violent black racists, and given them Carte Blanche to commit the very crimes that we were so ashamed of.”

        Truer words may not have been spoken….

  3. Farm.Dad says:

    Fox is reporting that Eric Holders Justice Dept is going to ” investigate ” . Pass the popcorn and the ammo .

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You mean Eric “These Republicans are upset about Fast and Furious because I’m a Black Man” Holder?

      Maybe Obama will tap his buddies in the New Black Panther party to “Keep the Peace”.

  4. I was living in off-base base housing at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro when the Rodney King riots were going on. We were far enough away that we didn’t get much in the way of violence where we were, but we were ready to shoot back just in case. Private firearms only, the base CO wouldn’t issue the good stuff. Private firearms weren’t allowed on the base proper either, so we had to leave them at home when we went to work or onto the base to go to the PX or whatever. It was almost like they didn’t trust us with the firearms that they trained us how to use. Go figure.

    Now, I live in Orlando, and I hope you are wrong that race riots are coming here. We do see them brewing, but we can hope things settle down. It sure doesn’t help with the outsiders stirring the pot for all they are worth.

    If riots happen, I can only hope that once again I am far enough from the epicenter that there won’t be any violence in my neighborhood. Going to visit the gun shop for some extra ammo this evening just in case. Don’t get me wrong, rioters are allowed on the street, hell they can even walk through my yard if they want (I don’t care), but the minute they bust into my house or threaten my family, they will find out what Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground really mean.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      How our military treats soldiers with firearms which is their fucking VOCATION pisses me off to no end.

      In all but the most draconian “Progressive” Strongholds Police are allowed to bring their full patrol gear, from handcuffs to cruiser home for the night, or at least carry a sidearm and wear their ballistic armor when off duty, even in places where the general citizenry are not allowed to carry guns, plus they’re often exempt from most gun-free zones (note it was an off-duty cop with his off-duty sidearm that stopped the Trolly Square shooting spree in Utah…the mall was posted “No Firearms”, thankfully a cop was there, as a citizen would risk arrest to defend from a crazed Jihadist with a shotgun in the mall!)

      Yet even after many of our brave men and women were shot by a terrorist like fish in a barrel in Fort Hood (again a civilian Police Officer was who stopped that massacre), is nothing short of contemptible.

      I hope I’m wrong and this doesn’t result in bloodshed, but mob mentality has momentum just like a body in motion, and it takes just as much effort to STOP such events as it does to START one, and there has been a LOT of hateful racist input into that pressure cooker so far…

      Keep safe and keep your magazines loaded. make sure you have a waiting long arm to fight to with your hand gun of choice!

  5. TS says:

    If they are going to make this a race issue, the least they can do is get the races right.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That doesn’t serve their purposes correctly. If things go bad these fiends won’t hesitate to kill brown-skinned brown-eyed Mr. Zimmerman to vindicate their hatred for the blue-eyed white-devil.

      BTW note that most of the victims of these black race riots are other black folk.

      So while race is the fuel for this fire, its not relevant when the blood starts to flow in the gutters.

      • Robert says:

        There isn’t really a lot of love lost between Latinos and blacks, so I’m not too sure it would have been much different if they identified Zimmerman as Hispanic instead of white. There just wouldn’t be nearly as big a media feeding frenzy.

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  7. MAGAZINES! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to pick up a few spares for the AK since that will be the rifle of choice. It’s what I have. Can’t shoot what you don’t have. I bought it not too long ago because I thought it would be a fun plinker and hadn’t gotten around to buying extra mags.

    I also have a big scary black 12ga and a little stockpile of ammo for it but more wouldn’t hurt. I need to come up with a solution for carrying that ammo. Running around with a box of shells or a bunch of loose shells in my pockets doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

    I sure hope that cooler heads rule the day and all of this just ends up being a mental exercise. When riots happen, a lot of people on both sides end up getting hurt and I have nothing against any of them and wish everyone health and happiness. At least it’s giving me a kick in the ass to get my gear in order.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah reloads in shotguns are one of the reasons why I’m a carbine guy. If you have a conventional tube-fed shotgun a side-saddle seems to be the preferred method for the tactical operator types. The gun gamers seem to like the belt holders that stack 4 in a strip that can be grabbed in a fistful and with some training stuffed into the mag in a smooth motion.

      Its low on my priority list as I know I’d simply grab my FAL and some spare mags if shit got ugly and maybe keep my 590 as a strategically placed New York Reload if the rifle ran dry and I needed to fall back with my Pistol.

      But honestly I’d be VERY impressed with an angry mob that could eat 20 rounds of NATO hardball (that way you not only shoot the angry bastard trespassing on your property, but the angry bastard BEHIND them) and see me flick that spent mag free with the fresh one JUST LIKE IN CALL OF DUTY OMFG!!! (No, not because that’s how the video games roll, but its a VERY efficient way to reload an FAL) and NOT pick another house to fuck with.

      The same can be said with 8 rounds of #00.

      Still my point is ideally I’d like to replace the standard stock on my 590 with the Speed-Feed stock for the 590/500 line just because it holds 4 shells in two “Magazines” in the stock but keeps the gun’s overall profile slim and snag-free.

      Still I’m an idiot with a shotgun and none-too-shabby with my carbines and pistols, so those will be my go-to guns.

  8. Jose Rodriguez says:

    well, now law abiding Floridians will be hurt by this trayvon Martin incident.

    Already, governor Rick Scott has launched a taskforce which will likely result in scrapping Florida’s stand your ground law. The result will be a citizenry which will be reluctant to use lawful deadly force against thugs for fear of a NAACP mob led by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson…

    I see a great potential for riots and disorder due to the media’s relentless hype in this case. The media is fanning racial tensions with their non stop coverage!.

    Any floridian living in a large urban area (Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) needs to be on heightened alert re the possibility of riots.

    This Trayvon Martin incident is Florida’s own version of Rodney King. rest assured that if Zimmerman is acquitted in any trial, there will be mayhem. That is the danger from the race baiting being whipped to a frenzy by Al Sharpton. Let us not forget that Al Sharpton incited black mobs to attack jewish neighborhoods back in the early 90’s. An incident the media never mentions!!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Your comparison to Rodney King is VERY valid. King was drunk and on drugs and lead the police on a high speed chase, he then fought with the police, was hit with a tazer and continued to fight, the cops resorted to batons.

      Meanwhile the video only showed the last bit, and the media portrayed Rodney as an innocent man beaten by racist cops for no reason.

  9. Armand Geddon says:

    The mainstream media wants a race riot, its good for business. The facts are unimportant,..as usual.

  10. Tim Herendeen says:

    It is easier and more convienient to suggest the shooter was WHITE, because the rage among the black community will come down on the whites. If they used the fact that Zimmerman was actually hispanic they would never have made the accuzations. The blacks will not rally against the hispanic community. They would get schooled! In any event, Zimmerman should face charges as a human, regardless of his skin color.8C

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