Sebastian Reports that the Antis are claiming Starbucks has seen a drop in sales today!

Its hilarious because I doubt Starbucks marketing and treasury have any idea how today ranks up compared to other days, and of course how does NGVAC know the sales for the day?

All I could think was: “When Will the Coffee Lobby Stop Hiding Their Sales Numbers!!!!”

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  1. Critter says:

    after purchasing my coffee and cheese danish i asked the counter help how business was. they said it was pretty good. victory.

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  3. Dwight Brown says:

    Yeah. Funny thing, Weer’d. I hang out from time to time on Starbucks site where they solicit suggestions from customers, “My Starbucks Idea”. The majority of the posts I’ve seen that mention firearms have been supporting Starbucks current policy, that of complying with state and local laws.

    I’ve only seen one complaint, from somebody named “Brian in Va”, who claims that he entered a Starbucks today and “encountered numerous sidearm carrying customers apparently there to promote Virgina’s right to carry firearms laws”. This caused “Brian in VA” (who only just joined the site today, and has only this one post to his credit) a great deal of emotional distress.

    “…that was my LAST visit to ANY Starbucks anywhere in this country”. “…you had way too many armed people in your store for me to ever feel comfortable in any Starbucks ever again”.

    Looks to me like the buycott worked.

  4. Kurt P says:

    The wife works at a SB in a Target (heh) store in San Antonio.
    She reports a little above average turnout and no shoot-outs in the bathroom accessories aisle.

  5. Kristopher says:

    Seriously malfed link there.

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